List of works by Charles Neate

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Works with Opus Number

  • Op.1. A Grand Sonata, for the Piano-Forte .London : Clementi, Banger, Hyde, Collard & Davis
  • Op.2. A grand sonata / composed and dedicated to Miss Amelia Harding, London : Printed & sold by Chappell & Co. [1821]
  • Op.3. A military air : with introduction and coda / composed & dedicated to Miss Elizabeth Nicholson, (of Rochester) London : Printed & sold by Chappell & Co. [1821]
  • Op.4. A fantasia for the piano forte : upon the savage dance in Robinson Crusoe / composed & respectfully dedicated to the Right Hon.ble Lady Elizabeth Frederica Manners, . London : Printed & sold by Chappell & Co. [1821]
  • Op.5. A second toccata : London : Printed & sold by Chappell & Co. [1822]
  • Op.6. A grand rondo for the Piano ForteLondon, [1822]
  • Op.7. Spazza-cammin; a Venetian ariette, arranged as a rondo for the Piano Forte. London, [1822]
  • Op.8.Three select movements for two performers on the Piano Forte. London : Printed & sold by Chappell & Co. [1823]
  • Op.9.
  • Op.10.
  • Op.11. La scatola : a rondo for the piano forte : / composed & dedicated to Miss Marion Stodart. London : published by J. B. Cramer, Addison & Beale [1826?]
  • Op.12.
  • Op.13. A Pastoral Dance, composed by Henry R. Bishop, arranged for the piano forte, with variations and coda London : Printed by Goulding & D'Almaine [WM 1823]
  • Op.14. Tri chant o Bunnau; a Welsh air, arranged as a rondo for the Piano Forte. London, [1825]
  • Op.15. A serenade for two performers on one Piano Forte. London, [1826]
  • Op.16. "Kinloch;" a Scotch air [composed by G. Kinloch], arranged for the Piano Forte. London, [1827]
  • Op.17.
  • Op.18.
  • Op.19.
  • Op.20. A hundred impromptus or short preludes, composed and inscribed (as a testimony) of high esteem to Miss Maudslay .London : Printed & sold by S. Chappell [ca. 1832]
  • Op.21. Piano Trio No.1. published 1830.
  • Op.22. Piano Trio No.2. Published 1831.
  • Op.23.
  • Op.24. L'Allegrezza : aria originale con variazioni e coda per il piano forte Genoa, 1833, Manuscript
  • Op.25.-33. ?
  • Op.34. Six characteristic songs without words, for the piano.London : [s.n.] [ca. 1840] composed & dedicated (with much respect and esteem) to the Right Honorable Lady: published for the author by Addison & Hodson [1844-1848]
  • Op.35. Fantasia, for two performers on the Piano Forte, upon the ... Scotch airs "Lewie Gordon" and "The Campbells are coming". London, [1848]
  • Op.36.-39. ?
  • Op.40. Sunshine... waltz for the piano..London : [s.n.] [ca. 1855]