List of works by Edgard Varèse

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List of Works

Title Forces Genre Librettists Date Published Notes
Martin Pas (boys')vv mand Stage J. Verne c.1895 - Lost, Opera
Apothéoses de l'océan orch Orchestral - c.1905 - Lost, Symphonic Poem
Chanson des jeunes hommes orch Orchestral - c.1905 - Lost
Colloque au bord de la fontaine orch? Orchestral? - c.1905 - Lost
Dans le parc orch? Orchestral? - c.1905 - Lost
Poème des brumes orch? Orchestral? - c.1905 - Lost
Prélude à la fin d'un jour orch Orchestral L. Deubel c.1905 - Lost
Souvenir orch? Orchestral? L. Deubel c.1905 - Lost
3 Pieces orch Orchestral - c.1905 - Lost
2 Rhythmic Prose Pieces orch? Orchestral? L. Deubel c.1905 - Lost
Rhapsodie romane orch Orchestral - 1905-06 1906 Lost, Piano version performed in Paris
Un grand sommeil noir v (sop) pf Chamber Paul Verlaine 1906 Orchestral Transcription done later by Antony Beaumont
Bourgogne orch Orchestral - 1908 - Lost, Symphonic Poem, performed by the Bluthner Orchestra, conducted by Stransky, in Berlin, at the Bluthner Hall, 15 Dec 1910; destroyed by composer, c.1962.
Oedipus und die Sphinx - Stage H. von Hofmannsthal 1909-13 - Lost, Opera
Gargantua orch Orchestral - - - Lost, Symphonic Poem
Mehr Licht orch Orchestral - 1911 - Lost, preworked later as Les cycles du nord in 1912 for Orchestra also.
Amériques orch Orchestral - 1918-21,
rev. 1927
rev. 1929
At the Academy of Music, Philadelphia, 9 April 1926, Philadelphia Orchestra. Conducted by Stokowski. Revised 1927: At the Maison Gaveau, Paris, 30 May 1929, Orchestre des Concerts Poulet. Conducted by Poulet. Later Revision: incorporated in Edition by Chou Wen-chung (1973). Also arranged for 2 piano-8 hand, c.1922-27.
Offrandes sop orch(small) Choral and Orchestral Vicente Huidobro (1893–1948) [Chanson de là-haut]
José Juan Tablada (1871–1945) [La croix du sud]
1921 1927 At the Greenwich Village Theater, New York, 23 April 1922, N. Koshetz. Conducted by C. Salzedo.
Hyperprism 9wind 7perc Chamber - 1922-23 1924 At the Klaw Theater, New York, 4 March 1923, Philadelphia Orchestra. Conducted by Composer.
Octandre fl/pic cl/Ecl ob bn hn tpt tbn db Chamber - 1923 1924 At the Vanderbilt Theater, New York, 13 Jan 1924. Conducted by R. Schmitz. Edited by Chou (1980).
Intégrales 11wind 4perc Chamber - 1923-25 1925 At the Aeolian Hall, New York, 1 March 1925, Philadelphia Orchestra. Conducted by Stokowski. Edited by Chou (1980).
Arcana orch Orchestral - 1925–27,
rev. 1960
rev. 1964
At the Academy of Music, Philadelphia, 8 April 1927, Philadelphia Orchestra. Conducted by Stokowski.
The One-All-Alone - Stage Composer 1927 - Unfinished
L'astronome - Stage A. Artand,
P. Carpentier,
J. Desnos,
1928-29 - Unfinished
Espace - Choral and Orchestral A. Malraux (involved inn 1937) 1929-
- Unfinished
Ionisation 13perc Chamber - 1929–31 1934? At Carnegie Hall, New York, 6 March 1933. Conducted by Slonimsky.
Metal sop orch Choral and Orchestral  ? 1932 - Unfinished
Ecuatorial bass/uch 8br pf org 2ondes-martenots 6perc Chamber Popol Vuh of Maya Quiché,
trans. Father Jimines
1932-34 1961 At the Town Hall, New York, 15 April 1934, C. Baromeo. Conducted by Slonimsky.
Density 21.5 fl Chamber - 1936, rev. 1946 1946 At Carnegie Hall, New York, 16 Feb 1936, Barrère.
Tuning Up orch Orchestral - 1946 1998 Unfinished, sketch completed by Chou Wen-chung (1998)
Etude pour Espace sop ch 2pf perc Choral and Chamber Kenneth Patchen
José Juan Tablada
St. John of the Cross
1947 1947? At the New School for Social Research, New York, 23 Feb 1947, conducted by composer.
Dance for Burgess Chamber - 1949
Déserts 14wind pf 5perc 2track-tape Chamber - 1950-54 1959 Tape revised in 1960, 1961, 1961
La procession de Vergès elec tape (for film) Chamber 1955 Soundtrack for Around and About Joan Mirò, directed by Thomas Bouchard.
Dans la nuit ch 15br org 2ondes-martenot perc Chamber Michaux 1955-61 - Unfinished
Poème électronique 3track-tape Chamber 1957-58 At the Philips Pavilion, in the Brussels Exposition, 2 May 1958.
Nocturnal sop mch orch Choral and Orchestral Anaïs Nin (1903-1977) 1961 1973 From Nin: The House of Incest, meaningless syllables by composer. At the Town Hall, in New York, 1 May 1961, conducted by Craft. Edited and completed from notes and sketches by Chou (1973).
Nocturnal II sop fl ob cl 2tpt 2tbn perc db Chamber Anaïs Nin (1903-1977) 1961-65 - Unfinished, From Nin: The House of Incest.