List of works by Edmondstoune Duncan

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Sources include

  • Hofmeister's Monatsberichte
  • British Library
  • SBB Berlin

Works with Opus Number

Op. 20. 6 Church Pieces f. Org., s.: Cecilia. November 1895. ::A Meditation, Postlude, Solemn March, Ave Maria
Op. 27 Autumn. A Canzonet f. Pfte. London, Augener & Co. Januar 1897
Op. 30. Happy Thoughts. Six little pianoforte pieces for children. London and New York : Novello, Ewer and Co, 1895.
Op. 36. 8 Pianofortestücke. Leipzig, Breitkopf & Härtel.
Der Hase u. die Schildkröte. Walzer. Etüde. Tanz. Fugue expressive. Ein toller Tag. Der Springbrunnen. Am Abend.
Op.38 Quintet for Piano and Winds London: Rudall Carte & Co, 1898.
Op. 42 Organ pieces
Op. 44. Elfland. Six Tone Pictures. piano London : Gould and Co, 1902
No. 1. Morning. No. 2. March. No. 3. Hunting Song. No. 4. May Song. No. 5. Waltz. No. 6. Finale.
Op. 45. Sechs Stücke Violin piano. Leipzig, Breitkopf & Härtel. 1900.
Frühlingslied. Ländlicher Tanz. Im Kahn. Legende. Romanze [Gm.]. Finale-Rondo. 
Op. 47. 6 Poetic Pieces for the Pianoforte Augener & Co, 1900
1. Spinning Song. 2. Gavotte. 3. Ländler. 4. Intermezzo. 5. Waltz. 6. March. London :
Op. 50. 4 Tone Pictures for the Pianoforte London :Augener & Co, 1901.
1. The Tournament. 2. Romance. 3. The Butterfly. 4. Fantastic March.
Op. 53. Country Scenes ... Pieces for Pianoforte London : Augener and Co, 1901.
1. Daybreak. - Melody. - 2. A Race. 3. Dance. - Gavotte. - 4. Swing Song. 5. On the Lake.
Op. 56. The Tragedy of a Favourite ... Two-Part Chorus for Female Voices, words by T. Gray. London : J. Williams, [1903]
Op. 60 Musical Pastime. Short Pieces for the Pianoforte London : Augener and Co, 1902-3.
1. Hunting Piece. 2. Sport and Revels. 3. Maying. 4. Before Dawn. 5. March. 6. Rondino. 7. The Squirrel. 8. Gipsy March.


Op. 61.Title: Masquerade. A Set of six easy Pieces for Pianoforte.
1. Reveillée. 2. Waltz. 3. Serenade. 4. March. 5. Scherzo. 6. Polonaise.
London, Manchester : Forsyth Brothers, [1902]
Op. 65. Pieces for Violin and Pianoforte London : Augener and Co, 1903
No. 1. Valse Gracieuse
No. 3. Berceuse
Op. 100. Sonata in D minor, in one movement, for Pianoforte.
London : Vincent Music Co, 1906.


Op. 102. Pieces for Organ.
No. 1 Andante espressivo in E..
Boston : O. Ditson Co, 1907.
Op. 108. A Symphonic Tone-Poem for Orchestra. .


Op. 114.Six Songs. London : Vincent Music Co, 1910
1. My true Love hath my Heart. (Sir Philip Sidney.) 2. I arise from Dreams of thee. (Shelley.) 3. My Silks and fine Array. (W. Blake.) 4. Give Beauty all her Right. (T. Campion.) 5. O Words which fall like Summer Dew. (Sir Philip Sidney.) 6. The Lark now leaves his watery Nest. (Sir William Davenant.).


Op. 115. Six Declamatory Songs. London-Felding-on-Tyne, The Walter Scott pub. co. Ltd., [191-?]
1. Prospice. 2. Maid of Athens. 3. Angels & ministers of grace. 4. To be or not to be. 5. Hark, hark the lark. 6. Thoughtful nights.

Works without Opus Number

Hymn to the Queen ... Words by A. Eckersley. London : Augener & Co, [1897]
Grand Processional March for Organ, No. 3, in E flat. -.


Six easy and descriptive Pieces for the Pianoforte. London : Vincent Music Co, 1903.
Pastorale. [Organ.] 1901.


Ye Mariners of England ... Song ... Words by T. Campbell. London : Augener & Co, 1896.
6 Declamatory Songs Chester 1920 
The Minstrelsey of England Augener 1905
Quoniam Suavis est Dominus