List of works by Frances Arkwright

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Roland the Brave
My dear and only love
The Queen of the May (If you're waking call me early)
  • A Set of 6 Songs
Then be it so
Rose! thou art the sweetest flower
The Greek Exile
One hour with thee
Poor Louise
Beth Gelert
  • A Second Set of 6 Songs (Ancient Spanish Ballads,) Historical and Romantic. The Words by John Gibson Lockhart.
Xarifa, or the Bridal of Andalla
The Lamentation of Don Roderick
Avenging Childe
Lady Alda's Dream
The Song of the Galley (Ye Mariners of Spain)
  • A Third Set of 6 Songs
The Pirate's Farewell
Alice Brand
The two voices
Love Song
Treasures of the Deep
Eternal hope
  • A Fourth Set of Songs
The Dedication (Sweetest Bard thy polish'd numbers)
The last flowers
Drinking Song of Munich
The Pilgrim Fathers
Battle of the Baltic
One struggle more
Gentle River, gentle river