List of works by Friedrich Grützmacher

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Works with Opus number

  • Op.2 - 3 Pieces for Cello and Piano
  • No.1 Romance
  • No.2 Scherzo
  • No.3 Theme varie
  • No.1 Lied. (Song)
  • No.2 Gebiet. (Prayer)
  • No.3 Tanz. (Dance)
  • No.4 Marsch. (March)
  • No.1 Notturno
  • No.2 Burlesque
  • Op.33 - Große Concert-Fantasie über Themen aus der romantischen Oper "Santa Chiara"
Cello and Orchestra (String quartet or piano) (1st print Braunschweig: Litolff, ca.1860)
  • Op.37 - Concert-Stück for Cello and Orchestra
  • Op.38 - 24 Etudes for Cello
  • Op.39 3 grandes Marches. (1st print Leipzig: Breitkpof u. Härtel 1866)
  • Op.40 - In einsamer Stunde, Impromptu for Piano
  • Op.41 - Perpetuum mobile, Caprice for Piano (Leipzig, 1858)
  • Op.42 - Cello Concerto No.2 in G major for Violoncello and Orchestra (Breitkopf & Härtel, Leipzig 1858)
  • Op.43 - Magyar poszta hangok, Ungarisches Lied for Piano (Leipzig, 1858)
  • Op.46 - Cello Concerto No.3 in E minor for Violoncello and Orchestra (Leipzig: Kahnt, 1859)
  • Op.50 - 3 Lieder
  • Op.60 - Transcriptions Classischer Musikstucke for Cello and piano
No. 1, Mozart, Adagio (aus dem Clarinett-Quintett).
No. 2, Haydn, Serenade.
No. 3, Bach, J.S., Air u. Gavotte.
No. 4. Walzer v. Franz Schubert.
No. 5. Romanesca. Melodie a. d. 16. Jahrh..
No. 6. Weber, Perpetuum mobile. Leipzig,.
No. 7. Martini, Padre, Gavotte (F).
No. 8. Boccherini, Luigi, Rondo.
No. 9 Gluck, Reigen seliger Geister u. Furientanz (Ballet-Musik aus „Orpheus“).
No. 10. Beethoven, Cavatina..
No. 11. Händel, Musette.
No. 12. Haydn, Michael.

Works without Opus

  • Concert Overture (Leipzig: Kahnt)
  • Hungarian Fantasia
  • Variations on an original theme
  • Romances

Arrangements/Transcriptions/Editions by Friedrich Grützmacher (1832-1903)