List of works by Gabriel Grovlez

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Sources include

  • Wikipedia
  • Le Menéstrel
  • BNF

  • Cœur de rubis, Légende féérique (Opera) in 3 acts (1906); libretto by Gabriel Montoya (published 1912)
  • Le Chagrin au Palais de Han. Musique de scène pour le drame de Ma Tchen-yuen, adaptation française de Louis Laloy (ca.1911 manuscript @ BNF)
  • Maïmouna, Fantasy-Ballet in 2 scenes (1916); libretto by P. André Gérard
  • La princesse au jardin, Ballet in 1 act (1943); libretto by Émile Vuillermoz
Chamber music
  • Romance for violin and piano (published 1901 by Hamelle; orchestrated by the composer in 1902.)
  • Violin Sonata (1908)
  • Impromptu for chromatic harp (published 1910)
  • Divertissement for flute and piano (1912)
  • Concertino for clarinet (and piano?)
  • Lamento et Tarentelle for clarinet and piano
  • Concertino for flute and piano
  • Romance et Scherzo for flute and piano (1927)
  • Sarabande et Allegro for oboe and piano (1929)
  • Sicilienne et allegro giocoso for bassoon and piano (1930)
  • Romance, scherzo et finale for viola and piano (1932)
  • Sonata for cello and piano (1936, premiered ca. April 1936)
  • Caprice-impromptu (ca.1902) for piano
  • Au jardin de l'enfance (A Child's Garden), 6 Pieces after L'Art d'être grand-père by Victor Hugo (1907)
  1. La sieste
  2. Chose du soir
  3. Chanson de grand-père
  4. Chanson d'ancêtre
  5. Chanson pour faire danser en rond les petits enfants
  6. Pepita
  1. Westminster Abbey (in A minor)
  2. The Park
  3. Soir de dimanche sur les bords de la Tamise (Sunday Evening on the Thames Embankment) in A♭ major
  1. Les marionettes
  2. Berceuse de la poupée
  3. La sarabande
  4. Chanson du chasseur
  5. Les Ânes
  6. Le pastour
  7. Chanson de l'escarpolette
  8. Petites litanies de Jésus
  1. Évocation
  2. Barcarolle
  3. Scherzo
  1. Sérénade
  2. Nocturne
  3. Petite valse
  4. Berceuse
  5. Fileuse
  6. Rêverie
  7. Cake Walk

  • La chambre blanche, 10 Songs on poems of Henry Bataille (1903)
  • La flûte for voice and piano (1907); words by José-Maria de Heredia
  • Sagesse, 5 Poems of Paul Verlaine for high voice and piano (1910)
  • 3 Mélodies sur des poèmes de Jean Dominique for voice and piano (1912)
  • Chansons enfantines (10 songs published 1912)
  • Guitares et mandolines for voice and piano (1913); words by Camille Saint-Saëns
  • 2 Odes chinoises (1920)
  • Les mélancolies passionnées, 8 Songs on poems of Charles Guérin (1924)
  • Trois ballades françaises for voice and piano on poems of Paul Fort (1927)
  • 3 choruses for women's voices (published 1934 by Heugel)


  • L'Initiation à l'orchestration (published posthumously in 1946, edited by Henri Busser)