List of works by Gabriel Verdalle

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All works are for harp solo unless indicated otherwise.

Works with Opus Number

Opus 1-50

Op.1. Andante religioso
Op.2. L'oiseau-mouche
Op.3. Petite marche
Op.4. Aubade
Op.5. Sérénade
Op.6. Romance sans paroles
Op.7. Adagio
Op.8. Valse-Caprice
Op.9. Mazurka
Op.10. Barcarolle
Op.11. Ballade.
Op.12. Caprice original.
Op.13. Prière
Op.14. Air de ballet
Op.15. Bébé dort!
Op.16. Canzonetta (D. Rahter, 1898.)
Op.20–22. Trois Romances sans Paroles No. 1. Op. 20 (F). No. 2. Op. 21 (Dm.). No.3 Op. 22 (F).
Op.20 also. Larghetto for violin and harp in G (published 1898.)
Op.23. Saltarelle
Op.24. Rêverie (violin and harp)
Op.26. Cantilène for violin and harp
Op.27. Sevillana
Op.29. Chant d'Amour for violin and harp
Op.30. Mélancolie for violin and harp
Op.32. Larmes et Rires for violin and harp
Op.33. Invocation
Op.34. Doux songe
Op.39. Lucciola
Op.40. Danse slave
Op.41. Légende bretonne
Op.42. Remembrance
Op.43. Recueillement
Op.45. Childish March
Op.46. Leggenda d'amore

Opus 51-100

Op.67. Primavera
Op.73. Badinage
Op.76. Amoroso
Op.79. Berceuse
Op.84. Fantasia pour harpe in F (pub. by Izzo, 1901; digitized @ Internet Archive.)
Op.87. Scherzetto

Works without Opus Number

Incomplete list.