List of works by Georg Wilhelm Rauchenecker

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  • Hofmeister XIX. Search engine for the Hofmeister Monatsberichte for the years 1829 to 1900.
  • Contemporary journals
  • Manuscripts

Works with Opus Number

  • Opp.24-29 - Charakteristische Tonbilder (1873, published by Aibl 1877)
  • Op.137 - Gotenzug (chorus after Dahn, pub.1899 by Kistner)
  • Op.138 - Gotentreue (Gedicht für Männerchor und Soli mit Begleitung des Orchesters after Dahn, pub.1899 by Kistner)

Works without Opus Number

Miscellaneous Orchestral Works


  • Violin Concerto No.1 in A minor (1885, published 1890)
  • Violin Concerto No.2 in B minor (1900, manuscript)
  • Cello Concerto in D minor (cello and piano; orchestral material missing?. 1904, manuscript)
  • Oboe Concerto in Pastoral Form (1905-9-24, manuscript) (oboe and piano; orchestral material possibly missing?)
  • Piano Concerto No.1 in F minor (1894)
  • Piano Concerto No.2 in B minor (1898, premiered 1901)


  • Symphony No.1 in F minor (1875, premiered 1876, published 1882)
  • Symphony No.2 in B major (H-dur) "Jubelsinfonie" (1885, premiered 1885)
  • Symphony No.3 in D major: Elegische (1901 or earlier, premiered 1904)

Solo Voice (and Piano)

  1. Stummes Glück
  2. Im Herbst
  3. Rosen
  4. Mahnung
  5. Zwei Ringe
  1. Auftrag
  2. Hochzeitsmorgen
  3. Vor der Kirche
  4. Hochzeit
  5. Im Heim
  1. Im Schlehendorn
  2. Die Tanzschuhe
  3. Waldweg
  4. Wie lange noch
  5. Trost
  6. Gesang der Nonne
  7. Trau', schau' wem

String Quartets

  • String Quartet No.1 in C minor (pub.1875)
  • String Quartet No.2 in D major (pub.1878)
  • String Quartet No.3 in A minor (1879, manuscript)
  • String Quartet No.4 in E major (approx. 1883, manuscript)
  • String Quartet No.5 in G minor (approx. 1890, manuscript)
  • String Quartet No.6 in E major (published 2012)


Choral Works