List of works by George Haddock

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Sources include

  • Hofmeisters Monatsberichte

  • Op. 16. Grande Fantaisie p. V. av. Piano sur des Motifs de l’Opéra „Guillaume Tell“ de Rossini. Mainz, Schott. 1887.
  • Op.17 Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix, Andante du 4me Quatuor, Op. 44 No. 2, transcrit p. V. av. Piano Mainz, Schott. 1887.
  • Op.18 Onslow, G., Andante (non troppo lento) du 6me Quatuor, Op. 8 No. 3, transcrit p. V. av. Piano Mainz, Schott. 1887.
  • Op.19 Onslow, G., Adagio religioso du 21me Quatuor, Op. 21 No. 3, transcrit p. V. av. Piano Mainz, Schott. 1887.
  • Op. 22. Grande Polonaise brillante p. V. av. Piano de l’Opéra „Faust“ de Spohr. Mainz, Schott.1896.
  • Op.23 Fantaisie brillante sur Preciosa : pour le violon avec accomp. de piano Weber, Carl Maria von 1786-1826.Mainz : Schott
  • Op. 24 Spohr, Louis, Op. 4. No. 2. Célèbre Quatuor (G) transcr. p. V. av. Piano, No. 1. Allegro moderato. No. 2. Adagio. No. 3. Scherzo. . No. 4. Rondo. . Mainz, Schott. 1898.
  • A Crown of Thorns: „Dim was the light in a faded room“. Sacred Song. Mainz, Schott. No. 1 (G) f. S., Pfte, V., Harp and Organ. (Chorus ad lib.) . – 2 (E) – Ms., Pfte, V., Harp and Organ. (Chorus ad lib.) 1898.
  • Violin-School. Method of instruction for the Violin. (engl. Text) Mainz, Schott 1893.
  • Ballade norvégienne p. V. av. Piano. Mainz, Schott. 1893.
  • Chant du Berceau p. V. ou Vcelle av. Piano. Mainz, Schott. 1895.
  • An Evening Rêverie ... for Violin with accompaniment of pianoforte transcribed ... London : C. Jefferys [1890]
  • Liebeslied. Violin or cello [and P. F.] London : F. W. Chanot [1898]
  • Berceuse. Violin or 'cello [and P. F.].[1886,et]
  • The Soul's Awakening. Sacred Song, with accompaniments for violin and organ ad lib., the words by C. M. Haddock.London : Boosey & Co 1891
  • The Mandoline Player. Song, with accompaniments for pianoforte and - ad lib. - violin or mandoline, the words by C. M. Haddock.London & New York : Boosey & Co 1895
  • Pax Domine. Sacred Song, With accompaniments for Pianoforte and - ad lib. - Violin and Organ. The words by C. M. Haddock London : J. Williams 1898