List of works by Giovanni Battista Cirri

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Works with Opus number

  • Op.1, 6 Sonatas or Chamber Trios for 2 Violins and Basso or Cembalo (Duos for Violin and Cello (by 1789) dedicated to conte C. Allegri)
  • Op.2, 6 Duos for Violin and Cello
  • Op.3, 6 Sonatas for Cello and B.C. To His Royal Highness The Duke of Cumberland
  • Op.4, 6 Trio Sonatas for 2 Violins and B.C.
  • Op.5, 6 Sonatas for Cello and B.C. (manuscript held at archivio Musicale Noseda, Milan, Italy. In D, C, F, A, G minor, B major.) 1765
  • Op.6, 6 Sonatas. 1766 dedicate a William Henry duca di Gloucester
2 Sonatas for 2 violins and B.C.;
2 Sonatas for 2 flutes and B.C.;
2 Sonatas for 2 violins Cello and B.C.
  • Op.7, 6 Easy Solos for Cello and Bass or harpsichord; 3 Duos for Violin (or Flute) and Cello. 1766.
Also, 6 string quartets (by 1775, pub. by Mad. Berault)
  • Op.8, 8 Duets for 2 Cellos. London. 1772.
Also 6 String Quartets (ca.1775)
Also "2 Concertos for Violin and Strings" (published by Mad. Berault, by 1775.)
  • Op.9, 6 Sonatas. London 1766, dedicate[d] a Henry Frederick duca di Cumberland
4 Sonatas for 2 Flutes (or 2 Violins) and B.C.;
2 Sonatas for 2 violins and Cello obligato.
  • Op.10, 6 Quartets
4 Quartets for Flute, 2 violins and B.C.
2 Quartets for 2 violins, Cello and B.C.
  • Op.11, 3 Sonatas for Cello and B.C.
No.1 in C major
  • Op.12, 6 Duets for violin and cello. 1770, dedicati a sir R. Phillipps
  • Op.13, 6 String Quartets for 2 Violins Viola and Cello
(also) 6 Duets for Violin and Cello
No.1 in C major
No.2 in B major
No.3 in E major
No.4 in G major
No.5 in F major
No.6 in D majoor
  • Op.14, 6 Cello Concertos
No.1 in A major
No.2 in G major
No.3 in D major
No.4 in B major
No.5 in F major
No.6 in C major
No.1 in D major
No.2 in C major
No.3 in F major
No.4 in A major
No.5 in G minor
No.6 in B major
  • Op.16, 6 Sonatas for Cello and Piano
  • Op.17, 6 Quartets for 2 Violins, Viola obbligata and Cello obbligato.
  • Op.18, 6 Trio[s] Concertante[s] for Violin Viola and Cello

without Opus number

  • Sextet for Flute and Strings in D Major
  • 2 Quartets for 2 Violins, Cello oblige and Bass
  • 4 Trio Sonatas
  • 2 Sonatas for 2 violins, obligates Cello and B.C.
  • Nos autem gloriari for chorus (2 sopranos, bass) (canons) (manuscript at the British Library, London. See RISM 800259523
  • 12 sonatas without opus number? for cello and continuo @ Conservatorio di Musica Benedetto Marcello, Biblioteca, Venezia (see RISM 850029218)
  • Adagio in G and Minuet in C for cembalo (see RISM 000117400 - among a collection of works by various composers held at San Francisco State University.)
  • A favorite Overture, in eight (nine) (orchestral) parts (published in London in the late 18th century)