List of works by Gustav Holst

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The following information is given for each work, when available:

  • Op. — numbering as assigned by Gustav Holst
  • H. — numbering as assigned by Imogen Holst in A Thematic Catalogue of Gustav Holst's Music
  • Title — the title
  • Classification — description of the work as classified by Imogen Holst in A Thematic Catalogue of Gustav Holst's Music
  • Instrumentation — specific forces required based on the classification
  • Year — year(s) of composition, where known.
  • Notes — other important notes concerning the work.
Op. H. Title Classification Instrumentation Year Notes
031 A Winter Idyll Orchestra (Full) orch 1897
07.0 042 Walt Whitman Orchestra (Full) orch 1899
10.0 043 Suite de Ballet in E-flat major Orchestra (Full) orch 1899 Originally Op. 8
08.0 047 The Cotswolds: Symphony in F major Orchestra (Full) orch 1899-1900 Originally Op. 10
13.0 066 Indra Orchestra (Full) orch 1903 Holst's first piece based on Sanskrit texts
21.1 086 Songs of the West Orchestra (Full) orch 1906/1907
21.2 087 A Somerset Rhapsody Orchestra (Full) orch 1906/1907
29.1 107 Beni Mora Orchestra (Full) orch 1909-1910 Before publishing, the piece was also known as Oriental Suite and Suite in E minor
108 Phantastes Orchestra (Full) orch 1911 Originally Op. 29.2
Originally titled Fantastic Suite
32.0 125 The Planets Orchestra (Full) orch ch[SSSSAAAA] 1914-1916
33.0 126 Japanese Suite Orchestra (Full) orch 1915 All of the themes except the Marionette Dance were supplied to Holst by the Japanese dancer Michio Ito
40.1 151 A Fugal Overture Orchestra (Full) orch 1922 Intended to be used as the overture to The Perfect Fool if it was needed
47.0 172 Egdon Heath Orchestra (Full) orch 1927 Originally listed as Op. 47.1 despite the absence of an Op. 47.2
192 Scherzo Orchestra (Full) orch 1933-1934 Holst's last work
Originally intended to be the movement of a symphony
041 Suite in G minor Orchestra (Chamber) str 1898 Missing
22.0 088 Two Songs without Words Orchestra (Chamber) 2fl ob 2cl 2bn 2hn str 1906 No. 2, Marching Song, later arranged for military band
29.2 118 St. Paul's Suite Orchestra (Chamber) str 1912-1913 Unrelated to Op. 29.1, Beni Mora
Woodwind parts were also used in the premiere but have since fallen out of use
190 Brook Green Suite Orchestra (Chamber) str (fl ob cl) 1933
190A Gavotte Orchestra (Chamber) str (fl ob cl) 1933 Originally intended to be the second movement of Brook Green Suite
19.1 074 A Song of the Night Orchestra (with Solo) vn orch 1905
19.2 075 Invocation Orchestra (with Solo) vc orch 1911 Originally titled A Song of the Evening
40.2 152 A Fugal Concerto Orchestra (with Solo) fl+ob/(2vn) str 1923
49.0 175 Double Concerto Orchestra (with Solo) 2vn orch 1929
191 Lyric Movement Orchestra (with Solo) va fl ob cl bsn str 1933
28.1 105 First Suite in E-flat major Band (Military) ww br perc 1909
28.2 106 Second Suite in F major Band (Military) ww br perc 1911
106A Three Folk Tunes Band (Military) ww br perc unknown
52.0 178 Hammersmith Band (Military) ww br perc 1930 Arranged for orchestra in 1931
173 A Moorside Suite Band (Brass) br 1928 Commissioned for the British National Brass Band Festival championship of 1928
185 Jazz-band Piece Orchestra (Jazz) orch 1932 Later arranged for performance without saxophones by Imogen Holst, re-titled Capriccio
02.0 008 Fantasiestücke Chamber ob str[] 1896 Incomplete
02.0 008A Three Pieces Chamber ob str[] 1910 Reworked version of H. 8
009 Variations Chamber ob cl bn vn va vc 1896
010 Sextet in E minor Chamber ob cl bn vn va vc unknown Reworked version of H. 9
03.0 011 Quintet in A minor Chamber pf ob cl hn bn 1896
023 Scherzo for string sextet Chamber str[] 1897
051 Lied ohne Worte Chamber vn pf unknown
052 A Spring Song Chamber vn/vc pf unknown
053 Ländler Chamber 2vn pf unknown
054 Greeting Chamber vn pf unknown Arranged for chamber orchestra in 1904
055 Maya Chamber vn pf unknown
056 Valse-Etude Chamber vn pf unknown
14.0 067 Quintet in A-flat major Chamber fl ob cl hn bn 1903
093 Seven Scottish Airs Chamber pf str 1907
135 Phantasy Quartet on British Folk Songs Chamber str[] 1916 Originally Op. 36
158 Terzetto Chamber fl ob va 1925
005 Two Dances for piano duet Piano 2pf 1895
006 Duet in D major Piano 2pf unknown Missing
050 Deux Pièces Piano pf unknown
153 Toccata Piano pf 1924
154 A Piece for Yvonne Piano pf 1924
46.1 165 Chrissemas Day in the morning Piano pf 1926
46.2 166 Two Folk Song Fragments Piano pf 1927
179 Two Pieces for piano Piano pf 1930/1932
01.0 007 The Revoke Opera v[SCaTBaB] orch 1895
021 The Idea Opera cch fl ob cl hn str unknown
11.0 060 The Youth's Choice Opera v[SSTBa] orch 1902
23.0 089 Sita Opera v[SMzMzTBaBaB] SATB TB SA orch 1900-1906
25.0 096 Sāvitri Opera v[STB] SSAA 2fl eh str[] 1908-1909
39.0 150 The Perfect Fool Opera v[vvSSSSCaTBaBBB] orch 1920-1922 Opening ballet music often performed separately
42.0 156 At the Boar's Head Opera v[SMzTTBaBaBaBB] mch[Ba] orch 1924
50.0 176 The Wandering Scholar Opera v[STBaB] orch 1929-1930
149 The Lure Ballet orch 1921 Also known as The Moth and the Flame
45.1 163 The Golden Goose Ballet ch[SATB] orch 1926
45.2 164 The Morning of the Year Ballet ch[SATB] orch 1926-1927 The first work ever commissioned by the British Broadcasting Corporation music department
094 Nabou Incidental unknown unknown Music for Alice Buckton's Kings in Babylon
27A.0 101 Masque: The Vision of Dame Christian Incidental ch[SSAA] orch 1909
27B.0 102 Incidental music to the Stepney Children's Pageant Incidental unknown 1909
114 Incidental music for a London pageant Incidental uch ww br perc unknown Music for the 1911 Festival of Empire, held at the Crystal Palace for the coronation of King George V
122 Philip the King Incidental unknown Missing Music for a play by John Masefield
143 The Sneezing Charm Incidental mez orch 1918 Music for a play by Clifford Bax
146 Seven Choruses from the Alcestis of Euripides Incidental uch 3fl hp 1920 Music for a play put on by the St. Paul's Girls' School
Imogen Holst recalls the harp part being played by a string orchestra, but no parts have been discovered
170 The Coming of Christ Incidental sop ten bar bass ch[SATB] tpt pf+org (str) 1927 Music for an unknown play by John Masefield
180 Two Chants Incidental uch[TB] 1930 Music for George Moore's The Passing of the Essenes
184 The Bells Incidental unknown 1931 Music for C. H. Dand's unpublished film of the same name
05.0 030 Clear and cool Chorus (with Orchestra) ch[SSATB] orch 1897
17.0 070 King Estmere Chorus (with Orchestra) ch[SATB] orch 1903
26.1 097 Choral Hymns from the Rig Veda, First Group Chorus (with Orchestra) ch[SATB] orch 1908-1910
109 Christmas Day Chorus (with Orchestra) ch[SATB] orch/org 1910
30.0 111 The Cloud Messenger Chorus (with Orchestra) ch[SSAATTBB] orch 1909-1910
117 Two Psalms Chorus (with Orchestra) ten ch[SSAATTBB] str org/br 1912
133 Three Carols Chorus (with Orchestra) uch orch (org) unknown
36A.0 134 Three Festival Choruses Chorus (with Orchestra) ch[SATB] orch 1916 Originally titled Three Hymns for Thaxted
37.0 140 The Hymn of Jesus Chorus (with Orchestra) ch[SATB] ch[SATB] ch[SSA] orch 1917
38.0 144 Ode to Death Chorus (with Orchestra) ch[SSAATTBB] orch 1919
145 Short Festival Te Deum Chorus (with Orchestra) ch[SATB] orch 1919
148 I vow to thee, my country Chorus (with Orchestra) uch orch unknown Based on the hymn from Jupiter from The Planets
41.0 155 First Choral Symphony Chorus (with Orchestra) sop ch[SATB] orch 1923-1924
51.0 177 A Choral Fantasia Chorus (with Orchestra) sop ch[SATB] br org perc str 1930
26.2 098 Choral Hymns from the Rig Veda, Second Group Chorus (with Orchestra) ch[SSSSAA] orch 1909
103 O England my country Chorus (with Orchestra) uch orch/pf 1909 Extracted from Incidental music to the Stepney Children's Pageant
31.1 115 Hecuba's Lament Chorus (with Orchestra) alt ch[SSA] orch 1911
31.2 116 Hymn to Dionysus Chorus (with Orchestra) ch[SSAA] orch 1913
26.4 100 Choral Hymns from the Rig Veda, Fourth Group Chorus (with Orchestra) mch[TTBB] str (br) 1912 Holst requested that the piece should be played with all of the brass or none at all
022 Not unto us, O Lord Chorus (with Accompaniment) ch[SATB] org unknown
20B.0 082 Four Old English Carols Chorus (with Accompaniment) ch[SATB] pf 1907 Holst's first piece based on medieval texts
Also available for high chorus (SSAA)
085 Seven Folk Songs Chorus (with Accompaniment) uch orch unknown
091 Two Carols Chorus (with Accompaniment) ch[SATB] ob vc unknown/1916
118A Playground Song Chorus (with Accompaniment) uch pf unknown Written for the St. Paul's Girls' School
167 Christ hath a garden Chorus (with Accompaniment) ch[SATB] fl ob cl str unknown
168 Man born to toil Chorus (with Accompaniment) ch[SATB] org (bell) 1927 Written for the 1928 Bath and Wells Diocesan Choral Festival
169 Eternal Father Chorus (with Accompaniment) sop ch[SATB] org (bell) 1927
040 Clouds o'er the summer sky Chorus (with Accompaniment) fch[SS] pf unknown
26.3 099 Choral Hymns from the Rig Veda, Third Group Chorus (with Accompaniment) fch[SSAA] hp 1910 No. 4, Hymn of the Travellers, was suggested to be a prelude to Sāvitri by Holst
102A A Song of London Chorus (with Accompaniment) uch orch/pf 1909 Extracted from Incidental music to the Stepney Children's Pageant
110 Four Part-Songs Chorus (with Accompaniment) cch pf 1910 Movements numbered posthumously
112 Two Eastern Pictures Chorus (with Accompaniment) fch[SSAA] hp/pf 1911
113 In loyal bonds united Chorus (with Accompaniment) uch pf 1911 Originally titled Coronation Song for Novello
124 Dirge and Hymeneal Chorus (with Accompaniment) fch[SSA] pf 1915 Inspiration for Saturn from The Planets
138 Two Part-songs for children Chorus (with Accompaniment) fch[SS] pf 1917
139 A Dream of Christmas Chorus (with Accompaniment) fch[SS] pf/str 1917
44.0 162 Seven Part-Songs Chorus (with Accompaniment) sop fch[SSSSAA] str 1925/1926
181 Roadways Chorus (with Accompaniment) uch pf unknown
187 Eight Canons Chorus (with Accompaniment) eq pf 1932 Nos. 1-6 are a cappella
121 A Dirge for Two Veterans Chorus (with Accompaniment) mch[TTBB] br perc 1914
53.0 186 Six Choruses Chorus (with Accompaniment) mch[TTBB] str/org/pf (sop ww br) 1931/1932 Movements numbered posthumously
186A On the battle which was fought at Fontenoy Chorus (with Accompaniment) mch[TTBB] str/org/pf 1931 Originally intended for Op. 53
001 The autumn is old Chorus (a cappella) ch[SATB] 1895
002 The stars are with the voyager Chorus (a cappella) ch[SSATB] unknown/1895 Later arranged for SATB
003 Spring it is cheery Chorus (a cappella) ch[SMzATBaB] 1895
004 O Lady, leave that silken thread Chorus (a cappella) ch[SMzATBaB] 1897 Also arranged for voice and piano
015 There's a voice in the wind Chorus (a cappella) ch[SMzATBaB] 1896
016 The Kiss Chorus (a cappella) ch[SATB] 1896 Only the first two pages have survived
018 Ah tyrant Love Chorus (a cappella) ch[SATB] unknown
020 Light leaves whisper Chorus (a cappella) ch[SMzATBaB] 1896 Holst's first work to be performed in public
09A.0 048 Five Part-Songs Chorus (a cappella) ch[SATB] 1897 No. 3, Autumn Song, also arranged for high chorus (SSAA)
057 I love thee Chorus (a cappella) ch[SATB] unknown
058 Thou didst delight my eyes Chorus (a cappella) ch[SATB] unknown
059 It was a lover and his lass Chorus (a cappella) ch[SATB] unknown
12.0 061 Five Part-Songs Chorus (a cappella) ch[SATB] 1902
076 In youth is pleasure Chorus (a cappella) ch[SATB] unknown
078 Now rest thee from all care Chorus (a cappella) ch[SATB] unknown
127 Nunc dimittis Chorus (a cappella) ch[SSAATTBB] 1915
34.1 128 This have I done for my true love Chorus (a cappella) ch[SATB] 1916
34.2 129 Lullay my liking Chorus (a cappella) sop/ten ch[SATB] 1916 The solo is unassigned, though Holst always performed it with a soprano
34.3 130 Of one that is so fair and bright Chorus (a cappella) sop alt ten bass ch[SATB] unknown
34.4 131 Bring us in good ale Chorus (a cappella) ch[SATB] 1916
36B.0 136 Six Choral Folk Songs Chorus (a cappella) ch[SATB] 1916 Also available for low chorus (TTBB), sans No. 2
137 Diverus and Lazarus Chorus (a cappella) ch[SATB] unknown
157 Ode to C.K.S. and the Oriana Chorus (a cappella) v ch[SSAATTTBaBaBB] 1925 A parody of Kennedy Scott's chorus rehearsals
43.1 159 The Evening-Watch Chorus (a cappella) ch[SSAATTBB] 1924 Originally planned as a series of motets
43.2 160 Sing me the men Chorus (a cappella) ch[SSSAATTBB] 1925 Originally planned as a series of motets
171 Two Rounds Chorus (a cappella) 4v 1928
182 Wassail Song Chorus (a cappella) ch[SATB] unknown
183 Twelve Welsh Folk Songs Chorus (a cappella) ch[SATB] 1930-1931 Tunes supplied by Herbert Jones
188 O Spiritual Pilgrim Chorus (a cappella) sop ch[SATB] 1933
189 Come live with me Chorus (a cappella) 2v 1933
012 All night I waited by the spring Chorus (a cappella) fch[SSA] unknown
013 Three Short Part-Songs Chorus (a cappella) fch[SSA] 1896
024 O Spring's little children Chorus (a cappella) fch[SSSA] 1897
09B.0 049 Ave Maria Chorus (a cappella) fch[SSSSAAAA] 1900 Originally included with Op. 9, Five Part-Songs
20A.0 080 Songs from The Princess Chorus (a cappella) fch[SSSAA] 1905
081 Home they brought her warrior dead Chorus (a cappella) fch[SSAA] 1905 Originally included in Op. 20A, Songs from 'The Princess'
092 Pastoral Chorus (a cappella) fch[SSA] unknown
104 A Song of Fairies Chorus (a cappella) fch[SSA] unknown
119 The Swallow leaves her nest Chorus (a cappella) fch[SSA] unknown
142 Here is joy for every age Chorus (a cappella) fch[SA] unknown Alto part reconstructed by memory by Imogen Holst
120 The Homecoming Chorus (a cappella) mch[TTBB] 1913 Intended for the 1914 Morecambe Festival
073 Three Hymns for The English Hymnal Hymns ch[SATB] 1904-1905
161 Four Hymns for Songs of Praise Hymns ch[SATB] 1925
06.0 034 Örnulf's Drapa Orchestra (with Solo) bar orch 1898
18.0 071 The Mystic Trumpeter Orchestra (with Solo) sop orch 1904
04.0 014 Four Songs Songs v pf 1896-1898
017 Song to the sleeping lady Songs v pf 1897 Originally intended as part of a set of songs
019 The Ballade of Prince Eric Songs v pf unknown
025 A Lake and a fairy boat Songs v pf 1897
026 Sing Heigh-ho! Songs v pf 1897
027 Airly Beacon Songs v pf 1897
028 Twin stars aloft Songs v pf unknown
029 The Day of the Lord Songs v pf unknown
032 Not a sound but echoing in me Songs v pf 1897
033 Whether we die or we live Songs v pf 1898 Originally intended as part of a set of songs
035 Autumn Song Songs v pf unknown
036 My Joy Songs v pf 1898
037 Draw not away thy hands Songs v pf unknown
038 I scanned her picture Songs v pf unknown
039 Two Brown Eyes Songs v pf unknown Missing
044 Bhanavar's Lament Songs v pf 1898-1899
045 Ah, come, fair mistress Songs v pf unknown
046 She who is dear to me Songs v pf unknown
062 A prayer for light Songs v pf unknown
063 Dewy Roses Songs v pf unknown
064 Song of the Woods Songs v pf unknown
065 To a wild rose Songs v pf unknown
15.0 068 Six Songs Songs bar pf 1902-1903 Not to be confused with Six Songs, Op. 16
16.0 069 Six Songs Songs sop pf 1903-1904 Not to be confused with Six Songs, Op. 15
072 Darest thou now, O soul Songs v pf unknown Holst's entry into a personal competition against Ralph Vaughan Williams, which Vaughan Williams won.
077 Now sleep and take thy rest Songs v pf unknown
079 To Hope Songs v pf unknown An adaption of H. 65, To a wild rose
083 Folk Songs from Hampshire Songs v pf unknown
084 Nine Folk-Songs Songs v pf unknown Movements numbered posthumously
084A Stu mo run Songs v pf unknown An arrangement of No. 4 from H. 93, Seven Scottish Airs
24.0 090 Hymns from the Rig Veda Songs v pf 1907/1908 Nos. 4, 5, and 8 also arranged for orchestra
090A Ratri Songs v pf 1907 Originally intended as the last song of the first group of Op. 24, Hymns from the Rig Veda
095 The Heart worships Songs v pf 1907
123 A Vigil of Pentecost Songs v pf unknown Inspiration for Venus from The Planets
35.0 132 Four Songs Songs v vn 1916-1917
141 May Day Carol Songs v 2vn unknown
147 The Ballad of Hunting Knowe Songs v pf unknown
48.0 174 Twelve Songs Songs v pf 1929
174A Epilogue Songs v pf 1929 Originally intended to be part of Op. 48, Twelve Songs