List of works by Gustav Saenger

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Sources include

  • Hofmeisters Monatsberichte
  • Copac
  • All works for violin with piano accompaniment

Works with Opus Number

  1. from Rossini's William Tell.
  2. from Carmen.
  3. from Balfe's the Bohemian Girl.
  4. from Maritana.
  • Op.126. Rural Sketches. 6 Melodious Compositions for Violin and Piano. Carl Fischer, 1906.
  • Op.127 Three Melodious Compositions 1908.
  1. Song without Words.
  2. Scherzo.
  3. Valse élégante
  • Op.128 Six Miniatures . 1907.
  1. Morning Prayer.
  2. Adele. - Valse Gracieuse.
  3. The Little Chatterbox.
  4. Dolly's Dance.
  5. Happy Moments.
  6. Cradle Song
  • Op.129 Two Concert Solos - in Spanish style . 1914.
  1. Caprice espagnol.
  2. Serenada de novia, etc
  1. March of the tin soldiers.
  2. The little highland maid.
  3. Springtime
  4. In fairyland
  5. Valse espagnole.
  6. A jolly intermezzo

Works without Opus Number

  • Improvisation, 1919.-
  • Intermezzo Scherzoso.1924.--
  • Problems of tone production in violin playing / English text by Gustav Saenger.-- New York : C. Fischer, [1934].-- 23 pages : music ; 31 cm