List of works by Hans Koessler

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  • The Life Work of Hans Koessler and the Influence of his Teaching Activity on 20th Century Hungarian Music" (Dissertation, online, 2013)

Instrumental Works

  • 5 Klavierstücke. Berlin: Simrock, 1917.
  • Passacaglia-Konzert for violin and orchestra. Berlin: Simrock, 1914.
  • String Quartets - possibly
    • No.1 in D minor (see D-B Koessler, H. 10 M - late 19th century autograph? According to this, relates to the string quintet in D minor as an early version.)
    • String Quartet No.2 in G minor. Berlin: E. Bote & G. Bock, 1902
    • String Quartet no.3? in A minor (1927? Autograph @ Berlin, digitized.)
    • String Quartet (for 2 violins and 2 violas) in C major (Autograph, Koessler, H. 8, @ SBB, digitized)
  • String Quintet in D minor. Berlin: Simrock, 1913. Autograph @ SBB (digitized.)
  • String Sextet in F minor. Strassburg: Suddeutsche, 1902
  • Symphonische Variationen. Leipzig: Hermann Seemann Nachfolger, 1901.
  • Trio-Suite for violin, viola and piano. Berlin: Simrock, 1922 (autograph manuscript @ SBB)
  • Ungarische Tanzweisen for violin and piano. Strassburg: Suddeutsche, 1902.
  • Violin Sonata. Strassburg: Süddeutscher Musikverlag, ca.1902.
  • Arioso in F for violin and piano (ms)
  • Canticum, violin and piano, orchestra or organ. Berlin: Simrock 1919
  • Suite (Pastorale, Elegie, Canzone, Arietta, Fuga) für Violine und Orgel Berlin Simrock 1922
  • Deutsche Tanzweisen, violin and piano. Berlin Bote & Bock 1902
  • Allerseelen: Elegie für Oboe (oder Violine oder Violoncello) und Orgel. Simrock, 1913.
  • Piano Quintet in F major (digital scan of undated autograph @ SBB - Koessler, H. 4 M. Sketches also digitized.)
  • Suite for 3 Cellos in C major.
  • Various piano works in autograph manuscript (digitized December 2017) @ SBB (funeral march in A-flat minor, variations in C-sharp minor, nocturne in B-flat major, scherzo in F major, Burla in D minor)

Vocal Works

Many other songs

Works dedicated to Hans Koessler

  • Include