List of works by Henri Duparc

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Year Genre Title Notes
1863-65 Piano Six Rêveries Printed, but unpublished. Private collection of Mme. d'Armagnac, daughter of Duparc.
1867 Cello/Piano Sonate pour violoncelle et piano Premiered in 1948. Private collection of Mme. d'Armagnac, daughter of Duparc. Published in 2016.
1867-69 Piano Feuilles volantes
1868 Vocal Chanson triste Voice & piano (Orchestrated, 1912). Published as: Op. 2, no. 4.
1868 Vocal Lamento Voice & piano
1869 Vocal Le Galop Voice & piano. Published as: Op. 2, no. 5. (Released in 1948).
1869 Vocal Romance de Mignon Voice & piano. Published as: Op. 2, no. 3.
1869 Vocal Sérénade florentine Voice & piano. Published as: Op. 2, no. 2. Text by Jean Lahor.
1869 Vocal Soupir Voice & piano. Published as: Op. 2, no. 1. Text by Sully Prudhomme. Revised 1902.
1869 Vocal Cinq mélodies, op. 2 Voice & piano
1869 Piano Beaulieu, pour piano Private collection of Mme. d'Armagnac, daughter of Duparc.
1869-70 Vocal Au Pays où se fait la guerre Voice & piano (Orchestrated, 1876). Text by Théophile Gautier. (Original title: Absence). Definitive version, 1911-13.
1870 Vocal L'Invitation au voyage Voice & piano (Orchestrated, 1892-95). Released in 1872.
1871 Vocal La Fuite Duo pour soprano et ténor avec piano. Published as: Op. 2, no. 6.
1871 Vocal La vague et la cloche Voice & piano (Orchestrated). Released in 1873.
1872 Orchestral Suite d'orchestre Orchestral suite. (Lost).
1872-82 Vocal Phidylé Voice & piano (Orchestrated, 1891-92). Released in 1889
1873 Orchestral Laendler suite de valses pour orchestre. Orchestral suite. (Destroyed).
1873 Piano Laendler version for two pianos
1874 Orchestral Poème nocturne
  1. Aux étoiles
  2. Lutins et follets
  3. Duo: L’aurore
Part lost, only: I. Aux étoiles is extant. Premiered in Paris on April 11, 1874 at the Société Nationale de Musique Moderne.
1874 Vocal Elégie Voice & piano
1874 Vocal Extase Voice & piano
1875 Orchestral Lénore Symphonic poem. Based on the ballad by Gottfried August Bürger.
1875 Piano Lénore (version for two pianos)
1876-84 Vocal La vie anterieure Voice & piano (Orchestrated, 1911-12)
1877 Piano Suite pour le piano (Lost).
1879 Vocal Le manoir de Rosemonde Voice & piano (Orchestrated, 1912)
1879-95 Opera Roussalka Unfinished. Based on Rusalka, a dramatic poem by Alexander Pushkin. (Destroyed, except for "Absence" republished as "Au pay où se fait la guerre").
1880 Vocal Sérénade Voice & piano
1882 Choral Benedicat vobis Dominus Motet for three mixed voices and organ (or piano).
1883 Vocal Testament Voice & piano (Orchestrated, 1900-02). Released in 1898.
1884 Vocal La vie antérieure Voice & piano (Orchestrated, 1911-13)
1886 Vocal Recueillement Voice & piano? Unfinished. (Destroyed).
1892 Orchestral Danse lente Extract from Rusalka. Copied by Ernest Ansermet. Preserved by Éditions Salabert.
1903 Piano Transcription of two works for organ by J.S. Bach
  • Prélude and fugue in E minor ("Cathedral"), BWV 513
  • Prélude and fugue in A minor ("The Great"), BWV 543
Two pianos
1908 Piano Transcription of six organ works by César Franck Two pianos
1910 Piano Aux étoiles For piano solo, also version for piano four hands, & version for organ. Revised 1911. See Poème nocturne, above.
1911 Orchestral Aux étoiles Entr'acte for an unpublished drama.
(n.d.) Piano Transcription of a work for organ by J.S. Bach
  • Chorale Prélude and Fugue: In dir ist Freude, BWV 615
Two pianos. Private collection of Ernest Ansermet