List of works by Iosif Genishta

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Works by Opus no.

Op. 1: Variations for Piano (pub. c. 1830)
Op. 2: 2 Exercices for piano (published ca.1820)
1. Allegro vivace in E minor
2. Allegro in C major
Op. 3: Solo for Piano, two violins, viola, cello and bass (piano sextet) (RUS-Mk); dédié à mademoiselle la princesse Agrippine de Troubetzkoy
Op. 4: The Day-Star is Gone (Elegie. 1826, published 1828)
Op. 5: Variations on Rule Britannia for cello and piano (RUS-Mk 2 Ex.)
Op. 6: Cello Sonata in C minor (published by Kistner, 1834)
Op. 7: Cello Sonata for cello or violin and piano, published 1835
Op. 8: 2 Pièces Détachées (published 1838)
1. Allegro in C minor
2. Allegro in A major
Op. 9: Piano Sonata in F minor
Op. 10: 3 Nocturnes for Cello and Piano (published 1840)
Op. 11:
Op. 12: Piano Sonata in C major (published 1844)
Op. 13: Cello Sonata (published 1847)
Op. 14: Fantaisie (published 1847)

Works without Known Opus no.

Circassian Song [Черкесская песня (из повести "Кавказский пленник")] (1820-21, pub. 1823)
Black Shawl (Moldavian Song) [Черная шаль (Молдавская песня)] (1823)
Romance "Do Not Expostulate" [Не пеняй мне] (1824 or before)
Romance ["Младый Рогер свой острый меч берет..."], after Vasily Zhukovsky. Нот. прил. к журн. "Дамский журнал", 1824, ч. 6, № 7
Les cloches du soir [Вечерние колокола], for voice and piano / Нот. прил. к журн. "Московский наблюдатель", Москва, окт. 1835
[Утес ("Отвсюду объятый равниною моря...")] : [для баса с фп.], after Vladimir Benediktov. Нот. прил. к журн. "Московский наблюдатель", 1836, март
[Степь ("Мчись, мой конь")], after Vladimir Benediktov (1840)
Insomnia [Бессонница ("В часы отрадной тишины")], after Ivan Kozlov (1848)
[Вопросом дерзким не пытай...], after Ivan Aksakov (1840s)
Why are You Groaning? [О чем, скажи, твое стенанье] (1840s)
Overture for orchestra in D minor [Увертюра : Для симф. оркестра / Ред. и предисл. И.Н. Иордан М. : Музыка, 1967]
[Оперы-водевили "Бальдонские воды" (1825, Петербург), "Сюрприз" (1829, Москва) и др.]