List of works by Iosif Genishta

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The table below gives the following information for works by Iosif Genishta (where applicable):

  • Op.— opus number, supplemented by
  • Title — as used on IMSLP; these are usually translated in English, with Russian (Cyrillic) following in parentheses.
  • Forces — the instrumentation used (see IMSLP:Abbreviations for Instruments).
  • Key — the principal key of the work.
  • Date — the year(s) of composition or arrangement, where known.
  • Genre — as used by IMSLP’s categorization system.
  • Notes — concerning related works, completeness, authorship, etc.
Op. Title Forces Key Date Genre Notes
001 Variations pf G minor ca. 1818 Variations
002 3 Exercices pf ca. 1819 Studies
    Exercise No.1
pf E minor ca. 1819 Studies
    Exercise No.2
pf C major ca. 1819 Studies
    Exercise No.3
pf D minor ca. 1819 Studies
003 Solo (Piano Sextet) pf/str[] A major ca. 1820 Sextets
00 Circassian Song (Черкесская песня) v pf H minor 1821 Romances
00 The Young Roger Takes His Sharp Sword… (Младый Рогер свой острый меч берёт…) v pf B minor 1821 Romances
00 March pf D major 1821 Pieces
00 Black Shawl (Чёрная шаль) v pf D minor 1823 Romances
00 Do not blame that I am... (Не пеняй, что я с тобою…) v pf C major 1824 Romances
00 Écossaise pf E major 1825 Pieces
00 The Waters Of Baldone (Бальдонские воды) vv orch 1825 Operas Co-authored with J. Reinhardt
004 The Day-Star is Gone (Погасло дневное светило…) v pf C minor 1825 Romances Arranged for voice and orchestra by Mikhail Glinka
005 Variations on Rule Britannia vc/pf Variations
00 The Lullaby (Баюшки-баю) v pf F major before 1828 Songs
00 The Surprise (Сюрприз) vv orch 1829 Operas
00 Overture" to the melodrama "Peblo, The Wonderful Gardener Of Valencia" orch D minor 1830 Overtures Edited by I. Iordan
006 Cello Sonata vc/pf C minor ca. 1833 Sonatas Arranged for viola and piano by V. Toporov
00 Waltz for piano pf F major ca. 1834 Waltzes
007 Cello Sonata vc (vn)/pf A major ca. 1834 Sonatas
00 The Rock (Утёс) v pf D minor ca. 1836 Romances
008 2 Pièces détachées for piano pf ca. 1837 Studies
    Piece No.1
pf C minor ca. 1837 Studies
    Piece No.2
pf E major ca. 1837 Studies
009 Piano Sonata pf F minor ca. 1837 Sonatas Arranged for viola and piano by V. Borisovsky
0010 3 Nocturnes for Cello and Piano vc/pf 1839 ca. Nocturnes
    Nocturne No.1
vc/pf D major ca. 1839 Nocturnes
    Nocturne No.2
vc/pf F major 1839 ca. Nocturnes
    Nocturne No.3
vc/pf E major ca. 1839 Nocturnes
00 The Steppe (Степь) сh/pf D minor ca. 1840 Songs
0012 Piano Sonata pf C major ca. 1843 Sonatas
00 Why are You Groaning? (О чём, скажи, твоё стенанье?..) v pf G minor 1840s Romances
00 Do Not Try With A Daring Question (Вопросом дерзким не пытай...) v pf B minor 1845 or later Romances
0013 Cello Sonata vc/pf D major 1846 ca. Sonatas
0014 Fantaisie for piano pf G minor 1847 ca. Fantasias
00 Insomnia (Бессонница) v pf G major 1840s Romances