List of works by Jacob Adolf Hägg

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  • Hofmeisters Monatsberichte
  • Verzeichnis, 1903
  • Worldcat
  • Svensk bokhandelstidning (somewhat digitized @ Google Books)

Works with Opus Number

Works without Opus Number

  • 24 Preludes for Organ or Piano (Nordisk Musikforlag, 1899)
  • Albumblad och stycke for violin or cello and piano
  • Allegro in D minor for piano solo (1875)
  • Im April (1872) for voice and piano to a text by Emanuel Geibel
  • Liebeshoffnung (1870s), song to words by Robert Reinick
  • Scherzo in E-flat major for piano (1870)
  • Piece in D minor for cello and piano (date unknown)
  • 11 Piano Pieces (late 19th-century)
  • Kleine Ballade for piano in A (Hofmeister, 1899)
  • Piano Sonata in D minor
  • Piano Sonata in F major
  • Prelude and Andante for violin or cello and piano (Henning, 1899)
  • 3 Kleine suiten im alten Style (F moll, H moll, Es dur)
  • Waltz no.1 in E minor
  • Waltz no.2 in B (=H Dur) for piano (Nordiske Forlag/Hofmeister, 1899)
  • Fødselsdags Kantate (to words by Hans Christian Andersen) (pub. by Nordiske Forlag) (solo, chorus, violin and piano)
  • Symphony in D minor (incomplete, at Musik-und-Teaterbibliotek)
  • Symphony in G major