List of works by Johann Georg Heinrich Backofen

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Sources include

  • Hofmeister's Monatsberichte
  • SBB Berlin

Works with Opus Number

  • Op.1. 2 Valses et 2 Allemandes for piano and piano duet. Published ca.1809?
  • Op.2. ?
  • Op.3. Clarinet Concerto in B-flat major (Simrock, Bonn, 1809?)
  • Op.4 13 Variazioni sull' aria "Ey mein lieber Augustin" for harp, (Hamburg, 1801)
  • Op.7 Concertante for harp, basset horn and cello ad libitum, (Leipzig, 1800?)
  • Op.8 Concertante for harp, viola and cello ad libitum,
  • Op.9 Quintet in F major for basset horn and string quartet,
  • Op.10. Concertante for 2 Clarinets in A major (Leipzig, 1810?)
  • Op. 11 Recueil pour harpe (Br & H Leipzig)
  • Op.12 ?
  • Op. 13 3 Duos concertants for 2 clarinets, (Leipzig, 1803)
  • Op.14 ?
  • Op. 15 Quintet for clarinet and string quartet, (Leipzig, 1805?)
  • Op.16 Clarinet Concerto in E♭ major (Leipzig, 1809?)
  • Op.24. Clarinet Concerto in E♭ major (Leipzig, 1821?)
  • Op. 30 Concerto facile pour cor in E
  • Op. 37 or 38 Grand Duo for 2 flutes

No Opus

  • Concerto in F major for basset horn and orchestra
  • Concerto in F major for horn and orchestra (Leipzig, c.1823)
  • 3 Duets for 2 clarinets (C major, G major, F major)
  • 3 Menuette for harp
  • Sonata in F major for violin (or flute) and harp
  • Sonata for harp (and violin ad libitum) (Leipzig, 1795)
  • Sonata facile for violin (or flute) and harp (or piano)
  • Thema mit Variationen (Theme and Variations) for harp
  • 16 Variations sur l'air "Ah! vous dirai je maman" for harp
  • Variations for bassett horn and orchestra


  • Harfenschule mit Bemerkungen über den Bau der Harfe und deren neuere Verbesserungen (Harp School) (Leipzig, 1801)
  • Anweisung zur Klarinette (Neue teoretisch-prachtische Klarinett Schule) nebst einer kurzen Abhandlung über das Bassett-Horn (Leipzig, 1803)
  • Anweisung zur Klarinette, mit besonderer Hinsicht auf die in neuern Zeiten diesem Instrument beigefügten Klappen" (completely revised edition of the above) (Leipzig, 1824)