List of works by Johann Rufinatscha

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Sources include

  • Hofmeisters Monatsberichte
  • SBB
  • Wikipedia
  • ÖNB
  • Tiroler Landesmuseum, Ferdinandeum Innsbruck

Opus number

  • Op.1. Kehr ein bei mir! Gedicht von Fr. Rückert. (Du bist die Ruh). Wien, Diabelli u. Co., 1842. (Manuscript @ ONB)
  • Op.2. „O schwöre nicht!“ Gedicht v. Heine. Wien, Diabelli u. Co., 1842. (Manuscript @ ONB)
  • Op.3. Sonata for piano in F minor. Wien, Witzendorf, 1847. Plate A.O.W.3129.
  • Op.4. 3 Märsche. (Fr. Liszt zugeeignet.) Wien, Mechetti, 1849. Plate P.M.4350.
No.1. Fest Marsch in E flat major.
No.2. National Marsch in G major.
No.3. Trauer Marsch in C major.
  • Op.5. Grand Caprice. Wien, Witzendorf, 1851. (Dedicated to Mr. Rob. Schumann.)
  • Op.6. Rondo capriccioso for piano in B minor. Wien, Spina, 1852. Plate C.S.9289. (Dedicated to J. Dachs.)
  • Op.7. 2nd. Sonata for piano in C major. Wien, Mechetti, 1855. (Dedicated to Adolf Lorenz. Plate 4896. A copy @ ONB.)
  • Op.8.
  • Op.9. Sonata for piano in F major. Wien, Witzendorf n.d. Plate A.O.W.3665. (Dedicated to C. G. Lickel.)
  • Op.10
  • Op.11
  • Op.12. Ouverture. Mainz, Schott, 1869.
  • Op.13. Symphony (no.5) in D (1865. Wien, Gotthard, 1871)
  • Op.14. 6 Charakterstücke. Wien, Gotthard, 1871. Plates J.P.G.112 & J.P.G.113.
Heft 1. Impromptu pastorale. Ecloge. Scherzino.
Heft 2. Romanze. Rhapsodie. Trauer-Marsch.
  • Op.15. Fantasie for piano in B major. Wien, Gotthard, 1871. Plate J.P.G.140.
  • Op.16
  • Op.17
  • Op.18. Sonata for piano in D minor. Wien, Haslinger, 1880. (Dedicated to Julius Epstein.)
  • Op.18b. Sonata for piano (4 hands) in D minor. (Manuscript @ TLFI.)

Without Opus Number

  • Fantasie du printem[p]s for piano (1854-dated manuscript @ ONB)
  • Allegro agitato for piano in F minor (n.d. manuscript @ TLFI)
  • Sonata for piano in B flat major (n.d. manuscript)
  • Andante for piano in A major (1892-dated manusript @ TLFI)
  • Symphonies 1 in D (1834), 2 in E (1840), 3 in C minor (incomplete; reconstructed), 4 in B minor (1846 ca.?)
  • Piano Concerto
  • Chamber Works (including piano quartets in C minor and A-flat major; string quartet in E-flat (ca.1850?))