List of works by John Knowles Paine

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Works with Opus Number

  • Op.1 - Piano Sonata No. 1 in a (1859)
  • Op.2 - 2 pieces for Organ (only published or republished recently?)
No.1 - Fantasia and Fugue for Organ in e (1860)
No.2 - Double Fugue on God Save the Queen or Heil dir im Siegeskranz in D (1860?) (possibly the same as Fugue on 'America')
  • Op.3 - 2 Sets of variations for Organ
No.1 - Concert Variations on the Austrian Hymn in F for Organ (1860)
No.2 - Concert Variations on the Star-Spangled Banner for Organ (ca.1861)
  • Op.4 - Piano Sonata No. 2 in f (before 1861), lost
  • Op.5 - String Quartet in D major (ca.1855, the Houghton Library estimates 1860-69)
  • Op.6 - Fantasia in F for Organ (1865, lost)
  • Op.7 - Christmas Gift for Piano (1862)
  • Op.8 - Domine salvum fac Praesidem nostrum, inauguration hymn for Harvard president for male chorus and orchestra (1863)
  • Op.9 - Funeral March, in Memory of President Lincoln (for piano) (1865)
  • Op.10 - Mass in D minor for SATB, chorus, organ, and orchestra (1865)
  • Op.11 - 4 Character Pieces for Piano (ca.1868)
  • Op.12 - Romance in c for Piano (ca.1868)
  • Op.13 - Fantasie on Ein' feste Burg for Organ (ca.1869)
  • Op.14 - 3 Songs for Male Chorus
No.1 - Funeral Hymn for a Soldier for male chorus (ca.1863)
No.2 - The Summer Webs for male chorus (ca.1863)
No.3 - Minstrel's Song (T. Chatterton) for male chorus (ca.1863)
  • Op.15 - 3 pieces for Piano
No.1 - Prelude and Fugue in B minor for Piano (before 1865)
No.2 - Prelude in F minor for Piano (before 1865)
No.3 - Fugue in A for Piano (before 1865)
No.1 - Matin Song (B. Taylor)
No.2 - I wore your roses yesterday (C. Thaxter)
No.3 - Early Springtime (T. Hill)
No.4 - Moonlight (J. von Eichendorff)
  • Op.30 - Romanza and Humoreske for Cello and Piano (ca.1875) (first? pub. 1995 by A-R editions)
  • Op.31 - The Tempest, symphonic poem after Shakespeare (ca.1876)
  • Op.32 - Larghetto and Humoreske for Violin and Piano (ca.1877) (first? pub. 1995 by A-R editions)
  • Op.33 - Duo Concertante for Violin, Cello, and orchestra (ca.1877)
  • Op.34 - Symphony No.2, In the Spring, in A major (1879)
  • Op.35 - Oedipus Tyrannus, incidental music for the play by Sophocles for tenor, male chorus, and orchestra (1880-1)
  • Op.36 - The Realm of Fancy, cantata for soloists, chorus, and orchestra (1882)
  • Op.37 - Phoebus, Arise!, cantata for tenor, male chorus, and orchestra (1882)
  • Op.38 - The Nativity (after John Milton), cantata for SATB, chorus, and orchestra (1883)
  • Op.39 - Romance, for piano in D major (ca.1882)
  • Op.40 - 4 Songs
No.1 - A bird upon a rosy bough (C. Thaxter)
No.2 - A Farewell (C. Kingsley)
No.3 - Beneath the starry arch (H. Martineau)
No.4 - Music when soft voices die (P.B. Shelly), lost
  • Op.41 - 3 Piano Pieces (ca.1882-4)
  • Op.42 - ?
  • Op.43 - Song of Promise, cantata for soprano, chorus, and orchestra (1888)
  • Op.44 - Poseidon and Amphitrite. The manuscript appears to bear the title An Island Fantasy, symphonic poem (ca.1888). Published as Poseidon and Amphitrite: an Ocean Fantasy (Leipzig, 1907)
  • Op.45 - Nocturne in B for Piano (ca.1889)

Works without Opus Number

Stage Works

  • Il pesceballo (comic opera, libretto by F.J. Child and J.R. Lowell, 1862), lost
  • Azara (grand opera in 3 acts, libretto by Paine, 1883-98)
  • The Birds, incidental music for tenor, male chorus, and orchestra (1900)

Choral Works

  • Agnus Dei (1861), lost
  • Benedictus (1861), lost
  • Commencement Hymn (1862, rev. 1883)
  • Peace, peace to him that's gone, for male chorus, words by T. Moore (ca.1863)
  • Radway's Ready Relief, for male chorus (ca.1863)
  • Soldier's Oath, for male chorus, words by Charles Timothy Brooks (C.T. Brooks) (1866)
  • O bless the Lord, my soul, for male chorus, words by I. Watts
  • Divine Love, words by C. Wesley (1883), lost
  • Columbus March and Hymn, for chorus, organ, and orchestra (1892)
  • Freedom, Our Queen, for children's chorus, words by Oliver Wendell Holmes (Sr.) (1902)
  • Hymn of the West, for chorus and orchestra (1903)


  • Spring (1869)
  • The Fountain, words by G.P. Lathrop (ca.1878)
  • The clover blossoms kiss her feet, words by O. Laighton (1882)

Orchestral Works

  • Lincoln: A Tragic Tone Poem (ca.1904-6), incomplete

Organ Works

  • Prelude and Fugue in g (1859)
  • Concert Variations upon Old Hundred (ca.1861)
  • Reverie, after Longfellow's Song of the Silent Land (ca.1862), lost
  • Caprice (ca.1863), lost
  • Fantasia on the Portuguese Hymn (ca.1864), lost
  • Pastorale (ca.1865), lost

Piano Works

  • Valse Caprice