List of works by Joseph Mayseder

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  • Op.61. Fantaisie for violin and piano in F. (Haslinger, 1846.)
  • Op.62. String Quartet No.7 in F minor. (Richault, 1846.)
  • Op.63. Souvenir à Baden, Guirlande musicale en Forme de Variations concertantes p. Pianoforte, Violon, Alto et Violoncelle. Diabelli/Richault, 1850.
  • Op.64. Missa (Es) f. S., A., T. u. B., 2 V., Vla, Vcll, B., 2 Clarin., 2 Fag., 2 Hörn., 2 Tromp., 3 Pos. u. Tympani. (See A-Whk HK 2066.) Composed and premiered 1848. Wessely, 1866. Recorded 2020, issue 2/2020. (According to promotional materials, lost- performance materials, not vocal score, presumably- after 1940 but rediscovered more recently.
  • Op.65. String Quintet No.4 in E major (2 violins, 2 violas, cello) (published 1865?)
  • Op.66. String Quartet No.8 in D major
  • Op.67. String Quintet No.5 in E minor

Works without Opus

  • Variazionen über ein Thema von Mercadante

  • 2 canons for 3 voices (1832, 1839; autographs @ Berlin)
  • Canon for keyboard (1838, autograph @ Berlin)
  • String Quintet in E major, contrabass ad libitum (ca.1830. Not op.65. See D-DO Don Mus.Ms. 1296.) May be Op.50 (quite likely is?)