List of works by Karol Kurpiński

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Works with Opus number

  • Op.10 - No.2. Fantasy in F major (Leipzig, 1823)
  • Op.15 - Bitwa pod Możajskiem (Wielka symfonia bitwę wyobráżajaca)
  • Op.16 - Nocturne in C major for horn, bassoon and viola (Leipzig, 1825)
  • Op.18 - Paysage musical in F major for horn and bassoon (Leipzig, 1825)

Works by genre


Some originally for orchestra, but originally published in piano (or piano duet?) arrangement.

Title Key First perf. Zbiór ulubionych polonezów XV pol. Comments
2 Polonaises for Maria Feodorovna and Mazurek, No.1 D major 1818-09 07 deest 2 Polskie tańce
2 Polonaises for Maria Feodorovna and Mazurek, No.2 C major 1818-09 03 13 2 Polskie tańce
Polonaise on 'Rule Britannia' and 'God Save the King' D major 1819-10 10 deest Polonoise
Polonaise for the 1820 Nameday of Alexander I B major 1820-09-11 05 deest Polski taniec
Polonaise for the 1822 Nameday of Alexander I C major 1822-09-11 01 10 Polonez
Polonaise 'Pustota' F major 1823-01-01 19 05 Polonez
Polonaise on themes from 'Zelmira' and Mazurek A major 1823-01-18 04 deest Polonez
Polonaise for the 1824 Birthday of Elizabeth Alexeievna D major 1824-01-25 deest 04 Taniec polski
2 Polonaises for the 1825 Birthday of Konstantin Pavlovich, No.1 B major 1825-05-09 11 08 2 tańce polskie
2 Polonaises for the 1825 Birthday of Konstantin Pavlovich, No.2 D major 1825-05-09 12 09 2 tańce polskie
Polonaise 'Witaj Królu' D major 1825-06-09 09 01 Taniec polski; Coronation Polonaise; with mixed chorus
Polonaise for the 1825 Nameday of Alexander I D major 1825-09-11 20 06 Polonez; maybe 1824 instead of 1825
Polonaise and Mazurek for the Last Tuesday of 1825 C major 1825-12 02 deest Polonez; pub. with Mazurek
Polonaise No.1 D major 1827-12-18 deest 15 1re Polonaise; arr. by Józef Brzowski
Polonaise in E-flat E major 1828-12-18 15 07 Pocztarka
Polonaise marciale D major 1829-05-25 22 deest Polonoise Marciale
Polonaise for Their Imperial Majesties D major  ????-05-09 08 deest Polski taniec; ca. 1829/1830
Polonaise in E-flat major for a 1830 ball E major 1830-06-01 18 14 Polonoise; arr. by Józef Brzowski
Polonaise in C major C major 1834-05-04 24 03
Polonaise on Rossini's themes D major deest deest Polonez
Polonaise and Mazurek for Genowefa Pusłowska B major 06 deest Polonez; no indication that it is an arrangement
Polonaise in D D major 13 deest from Westalka?
Polonaise in F F major 14 12 ded. to Zofia Mentzel?
Polonaise in D D major 16 11 1820?
Polonaise in B-flat B major 17 02 pub. in Tygodnik Muzyczny?
Polonaise in G minor G minor 21 deest 1817?
Polonaise in B-flat B major 23 deest from Robert le diable?
Polonaise in A minor A minor Published 1820
3 Polonaises, No.1 G major Published 1812
3 Polonaises, No.2 D minor Published 1812
3 Polonaises, No.3 G minor Published 1812
3 Polonaises, Book 2, No.4 E major Published 1814
3 Polonaises, Book 2, No.5 F minor Published 1814
3 Polonaises, Book 2, No.6 A major Published 1814