List of works by Martin Pierre Marsick

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Opus Number

  • Op. 4 Rêverie in B major for violin and piano, (1879)
  • Op. 6 2 Morceaux for violin and piano, (1879)
3. Capriccioso in A minor
4.Valse triomphe
  • Op. 25 Fleurs des cimes for violin and piano,
  • Op. 26 Valencia (au gré des flots) for violin and piano,
  • Op. 26? Au pays du soleil, Poème for violin and piano
  • Op. 27 Les Hespérides for violin and piano,
  • Op. 32 Petite romance expressive for violin and piano, (1901)
  • Op. 33 Souvenir de Naples for 2 violins, viola, cello, double bass, flute and clarinet,
  • Op. 34 Eureka!, Mécanisme nouveau pour "se mettre en doigts" en quelques minutes (Eureka!, New Technical Exercises), (1905)
  • La Grammaire du violon (1924)
  • Op. 43 Piano Quartet for violin, viola, cello and piano

No Opus Number

  • Le Puits, Lyric Drama (c.1900); libretto by Auguste Dorchain
  • Airs de Ballet de Françoise de Rimini de Ambroise Thomas, 2 Transcriptions for violin and piano (1883)
1.Adagio et Capriccio
2.Pastorale, Scherzo, Habanera
  • Petites fleurs musicales de l'âme for violin and piano (1901)
  • Nocturne for violin and piano, (1897)