List of works by Nikolay Ladukhin

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Works with Opus number

  1. ?
  2. ?
  3. Lake Bright, Clear Lake ("Озеро светлое, озеро чистое"), for voice and piano (lyrics by Konstantin Romanov)
  1. The Dove Cote: Allegretto in F major
  2. Song Without Words: Moderato con moto in C major
  3. Ride in a Troika: Allegro in D major
  4. Allegretto in C major
  5. Peasants' Dance: Allegro in B major
  6. Allegretto in F major
  7. Dancing Rays/Capriccio: Presto in C major
  8. Allegro in G major
  9. Bees: Allegro? in F major
  10. ? Intermezzo: Allegro in F major
  11. Allegro in G major
  12. ?
  • Op.11 - Allegro

Works without Opus number

  1. Prélude
  2. Souvenance
  3. Intermezzo
  4. Chanson triste
  5. Mazurka
  6. Etude-Caprice)
  1. Легкое недоразумение (Un leger malentendu)
  2. Веселая минута (Un gai moment)
  3. Плакса (Pleurnicheur)
  • From the Children's Repertoire: Ten pieces for Piano, Muzsektor, 1925
  • Collection of Children's Pieces - four hands, Muzsektor, 1925
  1. Thinking ("Размышление")
  2. Fun Walk ("Веселая прогулка")
  3. Polka ("Полька")
  4. Waltz ("Вальс")
  5. Cuckoo ("Кукушка")
  6. Song ("Песенка")
  7. Lullaby ("Колыбельная песня")
  • "Recollection ("Воспоминание/Souvenance"), for piano, Muzsektor, 1928 (reprinted as a solo piece from 6 Pièces-Miniatures)
  • Christ is Risen ("Христос воскрес"), for men's choir
  • Intermezzo in D minor, P. Jurgenson - (reprinted as a solo piece from 6 Pièces-Miniatures)
  • Children's Suite, P. Jurgenson.
  • Children's Suite - four hands, P. Jurgenson.
  • A Singing Tune
  • Broomstick Cavalier
  • Dancing Rays
  • Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom ("Литургия Иоанна Златоуста"), for four-part chorus
  • The Virgin's Face, for mixed choir (lyrics by Apollon Maykov)
  • Vocalises for Children
  • Capriccietto, for piano
  • Miniatures in Simple Lyrical Style (?)
  • Suite (for children) - Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, 10 pieces for four hands, P. Jurgenson, published 1896
  1. Introduction
  2. Romance
  3. Chant du printemps
  4. Mazurka
  5. Barcarolle
  6. Valse
  7. Nocturne
  8. Berceuse
  9. Prelude
  10. March
  • Zapivka (Запѣвка) - for male soloist accompanied by choir, P. Jurgenson
  • Hosanna (Слава) - SATB
  • Gammes for piano
  • What Means My Name to You? ("Что в имени Тебе моем"), for voice and piano (lyrics by Aleksandr Pushkin)
  • Three Springs ("Три ключа"), for chorus (lyrics by Aleksandr Pushkin)
  • Seven Songs by Aleksey Koltsov: for Children Singing in Unison, P. Jurgenson
  1. Saddled Horse ("Оседлаю коня")
  2. The Sun Shines ("Светит солнышко")
  3. How Healthy and Young ("Как здоров да молод")
  4. Sorry Parting ("Ты прости-прощай")
  5. Gold Ring ("Перстенечек золотой")
  6. Peasant Feast ("Крестьянская пирушка")
  7. Mermaid Song ("Песнь русалки")
  • Butterfly - for women's chorus (lyrics by Konstantin Balmont), P. Jurgenson
  • The Boat Glided Gently ("Лодка тихо скользил") - romance for voice and piano (lyrics by A. Fedorov), P. Jurgenson
  • I'd Kiss You ("Я б тебя поцеловала") - for voice and piano (lyrics by Apollon Maykov), P. Jurgenson
  • Be Clever
  • Three Keys - for mixed chorus a cappela (lyrics by Aleksandr Pushkin), P. Jurgenson
  • "Enslaved by the Rose, Nightingale" (Плѣнившись розой, соловей)
  • Autumn (lyrics by Afanasy Fet)
  • Russian Song
  • Two Canons (for trombone?)
  • Adagio (for trombone?)
  • Duet (for two flutes?)


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