List of works by Paolo Litta

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  • Allah' O' Abha! All'eterno for Baritone, Violin, Piano, Timpani, Cymbals, Tambourine and Triangle with Dancer ad libitum (Wien: Gutmann, 1924)
  • Andalusia for Orchestra (Wien: Gutmann)
  • Ballata-Ciaccona (einstimmige Linearfuge) for Violin solo (Wien: Gutmann, 1924)
  • Ce qu’on entend dans la Forêt for Piano (Liège : Veuve Léopold Muraille, 1894)
  • Contes des Mille et Une Nuits for String Quartet (Florence: Libera Estetica)
  • Der Tod als Fiedler for Dancer ad libitum, Violin, Piano and Cymbals. Last instalment of his concert trilogy.
  • Ellys for Voice and Piano (Text: Alfred Mortier, Liège : Veuve Léopold Muraille, 1898)
  • La déesse nue for a Dancer ad libitum, Violin and Piano (1912)
  • La Morte di Cleopatra for Soprano and Orchestra or Piano (Text: after Shakespeare, Wien: Universal-Edition, 1914)
  • La Prince charmant – Poeme for Orchestra (Florence: Libera Estetica)
  • La sirene - Das Meermädchen - Ballad after Ossian for Piano (Wien: Gutmann)
  • Le Lac d'Amour for Violin and Piano (1910)
  • 3 Poemes in mélo-drama for Récitant and Piano (Text: Litta, Wien: Gutmann)
La momie et le papillon
La fleur de lotus
Le Sphinx
  • Preludio cromatico 'O Luce eterna, che sola in te sidi' for Piano (Wien: Gutmann, 1924)
  • Sarabanda (Ballata in fugato lineare) for Violoncello solo (Wien: Gutmann, 1924)
  • Sérénade for Orchestra, Op.2 (Bruxelles, J.B. Katto)
  • Tamariska - La danza del vento e della sabbia for Piano and Dancer ad libitum (Wien: Gutmann, 1924)
  • Sonata for Violin and Piano, Op.1 (Brussels: Schott, 1892)
  • Spiel und Tanz eines Besessenen for Dancer ad libitum and Piano or Orchestra (Wien: Gutmann, 1924)
  • Zigeuner-Fantasie for Piano and Orchestra (Liège: Veuve Léopold Muraille, ca. 1910)
  • Concert trilogy (Der Minne-See, Die entschleierte Göttin, Der Tod als Fiedler) - performable by violin and piano alone or with obligato instruments.