List of works by Petar Stojanović

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Sources include

  • Hofmeisters Monatsberichte
  • SBB Cat

Works without Opus Number

  • Tigar (The Tiger; Der Tiger), comic opera; libretto by R. von Perger, Budapest, 14 November 1905
  • Devojka na Mansardi (The Girl from the Garrett; Liebchen am Dach); libretto by Viktor Léon, 1917
  • Vojvoda od Rajhštata (The Duke of Reichstadt; Der Herzog von Reichstadt); libretto by Viktor Léon and Heinz Reichert [de], Vienna, 1921
  • Mirjana, ballet (1942)
  • Devet čiraka (Nine Candlesticks), ballet (1944)
  • Smrt junaka (The Hero's Death), symphonic poem (1918)
  • Sava, symphonic poem (1935)
  • Violin Concerto No. 2 (Prague, 1916)
  • Violin Concerto No. 3
  • Violin Concerto No. 4
  • Jugoslovenski rondo i Humoreska (Yugoslavian Rondo and Humoresque) for violin and piano (published 1955)

Works with Opus Number

  • Op.1. Violin Concerto No. 1 in D minor, Doblinger, 1904
  • Op.2. Serenade for violin with piano accompaniment. Doblinger, 1904 (as Peter Stojanovits)
  • Op.3. Violin Sonata in D. Vienna: Doblinger, ca.1906
  • Op.4. Serenade. Ludwig Doblinger ; 1904
  • Op.5.
  • Op.6.
  • Op.7.
  • Op.8. Souvenir. Violin and Piano. Bosworth/TB Harms, 1914.
  • Op.9. Piano Quintet in C minor. Wien: Ludwig Doblinger, 1909.
  • Op.10. Schule der Skalentechnik für Violine in zwei Abtheilungen.2 Hefte., Wien : Ludwig Doblinger ; 1909
  • Op.11.
  • Op.12.
  • Op.13. Neue Elementar-Violinschule. Wien: Ludwig Doblinger, 1912.
  • Op.14. Scherzo, violin and piano arranged from Op.13. Wien : Ludwig Doblinger 1912.
  • Op.15. Piano Quartet in D. 1913
  • Op.16. Piano Trio in C. 1913
  • Op.17.
  • Op.18. Serenade (Viennoise). Fritz Kreisler in Verehrung gewidmet. Für Violine, Violoncell und Klavier.
  • Opp.19-46.
  • Op.47. Nova osnovna škola za violinu. Beograd: Prosveta, 1952.
  • Opp.48-77.
  • Op.78. Violin Concerto No. 5 in D major (1944) (note: recorded in 1980)
  • Op.79-96.
  • Op.97. Sonata in C major for viola and piano
  • Opp.98-109.
  • Op.110. Double Concerto for Violin, Piano and orchestra in A major (1950)
  • Opp.111-136.
  • Op.137. Fantasia appassionata for violin and piano (manuscript.)


  • Transcription of Leopold Godowsky's "Alt-Wien" from Triakontameron for violin and piano (1925)