List of works by Rudolph Réti

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Though at first primarily a composer, Réti later became more of a music theorist.

Opus# Year Genre Title Notes
Op.2 1922 Chamber Terrassen for piano
Op.5 1923 Vocal 6 Liebesgesänge on texts of Ricarda Huch for soprano and piano
194-? Orchestra Invocation and dance for cello and orchestra
1947? Choral The greatest of all for soli, woman's chorus, and string orchestra text from 1 Corinthians
1947? ? Primeval melody
1948? Chamber March of the bewitched for piano
1956 Orchestra 3 Allegories for orchestra
1957? Chamber The magic gate for piano
1961 Book The thematic process in music
? Vocal Herr Löffel und Frau Gabel (Christian Morgenstern) for voice and piano