List of works by Sir Alexander Campbell Mackenzie

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Sources include

  • Hofmeister's Monatsberichte
  • Wikipedia

Opus Number

  • Op.8, 6 part songs
no. 2)How I love the festive boy (Anacreontic)? a 4-pt. song. ( the words transl. by T. Moore) no. 3)Autumn: a 4-pt. song. (the words... by Haven.) no. 4)When spring begems the dewy scene: a 4-pt. song. ( the words... by T. Moore.) no. 7)The stars are with the voyager: a 4-pt. song. the words written by T. Hood.-no. 5)The day of love: a 4-pt. song. ( the words... by T. Moore.) no. 6) A Franklyn's dogge leped over a style. Part-song for male voices, the words from the "Ingoldsby legends." .-- London [1879]
  • Op.9 Rustic scenes : 4 progressive pieces for the pianoforte, -- London Augener
  • Op.10Larghetto and Allegretto, for cello and orchestra,
  • Op.11. Quatuor pour piano, violon, viola et violoncelle. – Leipzig: C. F. Kahnt [1873?]
  • Op. 12 In our boat : song with Violin (or Violincello) and pianoforte accompaniment the poetry by Miss Muloch -- London Novello, Ewer & Co. [1877].-
  • Op.13. Five pieces for the piano. -- London [ca. 1876]
  • Op.14 Drei Lieder für eine Singstimme : mit Begleitung des Pianoforte, / von H. Heine - Leipzig C.F. Kahnt
  • Op.15. Trois Morceaux pour Piano ..No. 1. Valse sérieuse. No. 2. Nocturne. No. 3. Ballade.-- Bielefeld R. Sulzer [1878]
  • Op.16 Three songs : (words by J. Logie Robertson) London Hutchings & Romer [1878]
  • Op.17 Three Songs, the poetry ... by C. Rossetti. .-- London [1878]
  • Op.18. Three Songs, London Weekes & Co. [1878].
No. 1. Edenland. Words by Miss Muloch. no. 2: There sits a bird on yonder tree : words from the Ingoldsby Legends no. 3 :At her window words by F. Locker from 'London Lyrics' *Op.19 no. 3.-The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich. [Anthem for S.A.T.B. & organ]. - London Novello, Ewer and co. .-
  • Op.20, 6 compositions for the piano. no. 2[Ritornello. Reverie - London [ca. 1880]
  • Op.21 Rhapsodie Ecossaise, (fp. Edinburgh Choral Union, 5 January 1880
  • Op. 22 3 Songs to poetry by E. Oxenford.). London [1881]
1) Waken, waken! day is dawning., no. 2)Distant bells...3 Come, sisters, come*Op. 23 Scenes in the Scottish Highlands : three pieces for the pianoforte, London Novello
  • Op.24 Burns [Second Scottish Rhapsody], fp. Glasgow, January 1881
  • Op.25 The Bride, cantata (fp. Worcester Festival, 6 September 1881)
  • Op.26 Jason, cantata, (fp. Bristol Festival, 19 October 1882) 1883 –
  • Op. 27. Three pieces. a. Baptism. b. Wedding. c. Burial. [Organ.] / .-- London [1882]
  • Op.28 Colomba, lyrical drama, (fp. Drury Lane Theatre, London, 9 April 1883)
  • Op.29 La belle dame sans merci, tone poem, (fp. Philharmonic Society, London, 9 May 1883)
  • Op.30 The rose of Sharon : a dramatic oratorio founded on the Song of Solomon : London : Novello, Ewer and Co. [1887]
  • Op.31 Eighteen Songs. London & New York [1885] (fp. Norwich Festival, 16 October 1884)
  • Op.32 Violin Concerto in C# minor, (fp. Birmingham Festival, 26 August 1885)
  • Op.33 The Troubadour, lyrical drama, (fp. Drury Lane Theatre, London, 8 June 1886)
  • Op.34 The Story of Sayid, cantata, (fp. Leeds Festival, 13 October 1886)
  • Op.35 Three Songs by Shakespeare : no.1 Is it thy will no.2 Fair is my love : No. 3 Pedlar's Song. London Chappell [1887] [
  • Op.36 A Jubilee Ode, for soli, chorus and orchestra, (fp. Crystal Palace, London, 22 June 1887)
  • Op.37 Six Pieces Violin piano London & New York : Novello, Ewer & Co Arranged for the Violoncello by J. B. Krall.
  • Op.38 The New Covenant, ode for chorus, military band and organ, (fp. Glasgow International Festival, 8 May 1888) 1888 -
  • Op.39 The Cotter’s Saturday Night, cantata, (fp. Edinburgh Choral Union, 16 December 1889)
  • Op.40 Twelfth Night, overture, (fp. St James’s Hall, London, 4 June 1888)
  • Op.41 The Dream of Jubal, poem with music, (fp. Liverpool Philharmonic Society, 5 February 1889)
  • Op.42 Pibroch, suite for violin and orchestra, (fp. Leeds Festival, 10 October 1889)
  • Op.43 Marmion, (fp. Theatre Royal, Glasgow, April 1891)
  • Op.44 7 Spring songs, for voice and piano,..-London- Novello
The first rose.--Hope.--Spring's secret.--Spring is not dead.-- April weather.--A May song.--Summer at last
  • Op.45 Ravenswood, (fp. Lyceum Theatre, London, September 1890) [full score lost]
  • Op.46 Veni Creator Spiritus, cantata, (fp. Birmingham Festival, 6 October 1891)
  • Op.47 No.1 Highland Ballad, for violin and orchestra, (fp. St James’s Hall, London, 17 May 1893)
  • Op. 48. 2 Duets for female voices, the words ... by R. Buchanan ... London Novello & Co 1891
No. 1 Rejoice, for Love is Lord. No. 2 O thou divine. *Op.49 Bethlehem, mystery [oratorio], (fp. Royal Albert Hall, London, 12 April 1894)
  • Op. 50. Three of Shakespeare's Sonnets. .-- London R. Cocks & Co 1893
No. 1. When in Disgrace ... No. 2. The forward Violet. ... No. 3. Shall I compare thee, etc / *Op.51
  • Op.52 Britannia, nautical overture, (fp. Royal Academy of Music, London, 17 May 1894)
  • Op.53 From the North: Three Scottish Pieces for Orchestra, fp. Philharmonic Society, London, 3 April 1895)
  • Op.54
  • Op.55 Scottish Concerto, for piano and orchestra, (fp. Philharmonic Society, London, 24 March 18918941902 1897 – *Op.55
  • Op.56
  • Op.57 The Little Minister, (fp. Haymarket Theatre, London, 6 November 1897)
  • Op.58 Manfred, (written for the Lyceum Theatre, London, but the production was cancelled)
  • Op.59 Recitations, set to music for piano, No.2 Eugene Aram, recitation with orchestra, (fp. Queen’s Hall, London, 2 October 1895) [full score lost]
  • Op.60
  • Op.61 Coriolanus, (fp. Lyceum Theatre, London, 15 April 1901)Musical recitation
  • Op.62The Cricket on the Hearth, (fp. Royal Academy of Music, London, 6 June 1914)
  • Op.63 Coronation March, (fp. Alhambra Theatre, London, 13 May 1902) 1901 -
  • Op.64 London Day by Day, suite, (fp. Norwich Festival, 22 October 1902) 1906-07 -
  • Op.65 The Knights of the Road, *Operetta, (fp. Palace Theatre, London, 27 February 1905) [full score lost]
  • Op.66 (The Witch’s Daughter, cantata, fp. Leeds Festival, 5 October 1904)
  • Op.67 Canadian Rhapsody, (fp. Philharmonic Society, London, 15 March 1905)
  • Op.68 Suite, for violin and orchestra, (fp. Queen’s Hall, London, 18 February 1907)
  • Op.69 The Sun-God’s Return, cantata, (fp. Cardiff Festival, 21 September 1910)
  • Op.70 Fantasia for Pianoforte. London, G. Ricordi & Co 1910
  • Op. 71. 3 part songs London Novello & Co 1910
No. 1 My soul would drink those echoes : 8-pt. song No. 2. Midnight by the Sea. Four-Part Song, the words ... by N. Paton. No. 3. Qui vive. Four-Part Song, the words ... by G. Parker. -
  • Op.72 La Savannah, air de ballet, (fp. Bournemouth, 6 April 1911)
  • Op.73 3 Trios for female voices with Pianoforte accompaniment, the words ... by D. Mapleson.London : Novello & Co 1910
No. 1 The Earth and Man . by S. A. Brooke. No. 2 A Song of Morning. the words ... by E. Clifford. No. 3. The Rhyme of the four Birds./
  • Op.74 Tam o’Shanter [Third Scottish Rhapsody], (fp. Queen’s Hall, London, 20 May 1911)
  • Op.75 An English Joy-Peal, (fp. Westminster Abbey, London, 22 June 1911)
  • Op.76 Invocation, (fp. Philharmonic Society, London, 21 March 1912)
  • Op. 77 Perfection. Sinfonia domestica choralis, for S. S. A. A. T. T. B. B. .-- London Novello & Co 1913
  • Op. 78 The Walker of the Snow. Song for Baritone, the words by C. D. Shanly.-- London Novello & Co 1913
  • Op. 79 Four Songs by Tennyson. .-- London Novello & Co 1913
a. Beat upon mine, little Heart. b. Love flew in at the Window. c. The Milkmaid's Song. d. The Bee buzz'd up in the Heat *Op. 80. Four Dance-Measures. Quatre Mesures de Danses. for violin with piano accompaniment No. 1. Waltz. 2. Polka. 3. Sarabande. 4. Jig .-- London J. Williams 1915
  • Op.82 Ancient Scots Tunes, (fp. Queen’s Hall, London, 31 August 1916) 1916-20 –
  • Op.83 Odds and Ends. Par ci, par là. For Pianoforte. etc / .-- London, etc G. Ricordi & Co 1916
  • Op.84 Jottings : six cheerful little pieces for pianoforte London : Joseph Williams c1916
  • Op.85. 3 songs No. 1The Bonnie Burnie. Unison Song, words by C. Mackay. No. 2 What the Birds say. Tw*Opart Song, words by S. T. Coleridge. No. 3 The Fountain. Unison Song, with second voice part ad lib., words by T. Moore. .-- 1918
  • Op.86 Three Easy Impromptus for violin and piano.. London : J. Williams [1919]
  • Op.87. The Eve of St. John. A One Act Opera, words by E. Farjeon. (Vocal Score.) , (fp. British National Opera Company, Liverpool, 16 April 1924)London Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew 1923
  • Op.89 Distant Chimes, for violin and pianoforte London Novello & Co 1922.--  ;
  • Op.90 Youth, Sport, Loyalty, overture, fp. Royal Academy of Music, London, 20 July 1922
  • Op.91. No. 1 Andante expressivo, for Violoncello & Piano..-- London Augener 1928
  • Op.92. 2 songs by R. Burns Mixed Voices. -- London Oxford University Press 1931
No. 1 Some hae Meat and canna eat. The Selkirk Grace. Mixed Voices. No. 2 O Thou, in whom we live and move.