List of works by Stefan Krasuski

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Works with Opus number

  • Op.40
- Sny mlodości (Les rêves de la jeunesse / Jugendträume), valse (pub. 1894 by Gebethner: G 1583 W) - see HMB
- La belle Ukraine, valse pour piano sur des thèmes d'Ukraine (pub. 1889 by Gadomski in Kraków, without and with Op. number?) - see HMB
  • Op.41 - La Reine du coeur (Moja wymarzona), valse (pub. 1897 by Gebethner)
  • Op.42 - Tout Varsovie (Towarzystwo Warszawskie), valse (pub. 1893)
  • Op.43 - Bałamutka, polka mazurka (pub. 1897 by Gebethner: G 2052 W)
  • Op.44 - Cherchez la femme, polka (pub. ca.1896 by Gebethner: G 1748 W)
  • Op.45 - Mój skarb, valse (pub. ca.1896 by Gebethner)
  • Op.46 - Chansonettes, quadrille:
for piano (pub. 1895 by Gebethner: G 1723 W - without Opus number?)
for orchestra (pub. ca.1900 by Gebethner: G 2321 W - orch parts, as Op.45?)
  • Op.47 - Pierwsza miłość (Mon premier amour), valse (pub. 1896 by Gebethner: G 1805 W)
  • Op.48 - Vis-à-vis, quadrille (pub. 1896 by Gebethner: G 1827 W)
  • Op.49 - Wesoła Warszawa, valse (pub. 1896 by Gebethner: G 1812 W)
  • Op.50 - Le secret du coeur (Serdeczna tajemnica), valse:
for piano (pub. 1897 by Gebethner: G 1862 W)
for orchestra (pub. by Gebethner - orch parts)
  • Op.51 - Je vous adore, valse mignone:
for piano (pub. ca.1898 by Gebethner: G 2053 W)
for violin and piano (pub. ca.1898 by Gebethner: G 2176 W)
  • Op.52 - Rendez vouz, polka (pub. by Gebethner)
  • Op.53 - Les beautés de Varsovie, valse (pub. 1897 by Gebethner: G 2071 W)
  • Op.54 - Variété, quadrille (pub. 1897 by Gebethner: G 2076 W)
  • Op.55 - Très chic, polka (pub. by Gebethner)
  • Op.56 - Tête-á-tête, polka (pub. 1897 by Gebethner: G 2079 W)
  • Op.57 - Tout Madrid, valse (pub. 1898 by Gebethner: G 2174 W)
  • Op.58 - L'etoile tombante (Spadająca gwiazda), valse (pub. 1898 by Gebethner: G 2284 W)

Works without Opus numbers

  • Moja Gwiazdeczka (Mon l'etoile [sic]), valse (pub. in Kraków: 1888 by Friedlein, 1889 by Gadomski) - see HMB