List of works by Tommaso Traetta

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Opere serie

Title Libretto Premiere date Place, theatre Sources Misc. Notes
Antigona Coltellini, Marco 1772-11-11 St. Petersburg
Court Theatre
CDN-Lu, MUSGMA MZ 1292; D-B,;
RUS-SPtob; UA-Knbuv, Rozum 120548, 120550, 120551
Libretto: I-Baf, I-Nc, RUS-SPsc
A Antigono
First version
Metastasio, Pietro 1764-06-16 Padua
Teatro Nuovo
P-La, 46-VI-29/31 & 54-I-51/53
B Antigono
Second version
Metastasio, Pietro 1766, Carnival Rome
Teatro delle Dame
D-MÜs, Sant.Hs.4179; I-Mc,
Libretto: I-Bc, I-Rc
C Antigono
Third version
Metastasio, Pietro 1770-09-22 St. Petersburg
Court Theatre
F-Pn, RUS-SPtob
Libretto: F-Pn, RUS-SPsc
Demofoonte Metastasio, Pietro 1758, Carnival Mantua
Teatro Vecchio
Parts: I-MAav, Cart.34
A Didone abbandonata
First version
Metastasio, Pietro 1757, Autumn Venice
Teatro San Moisè
D-B, (Act I)
B Didone abbandonata
Second version
Metastasio, Pietro 1763, Carnival Milan
Teatro Regio Ducal
P-La, 46-VI-38/40 & 54-I-54/56
C Didone abbandonata
Third version
Metastasio, Pietro 1764-01-20 Naples
Teatro di San Carlo
P-La, 46-VI-35/37
La disfatta di Dario Morbilli, Nicola Giuseppe 1778-02 Venice
Teatro San Benedetto
D-B, KHM 5498
Libretto: I-Bc, I-Mc
First version
Metastasio, Pietro 1757, Carnival Rome
Teatro delle Dame
P-La, 46-VII-7/9
Parts: I-MAav, Cart.30
Second version
Metastasio, Pietro 1765 Padua
Teatro Nuovo
P-La, 46-VII-10/12
Farnace Lucchini, Antonio Maria 1751-11-04 Naples
Teatro di San Carlo
I-Vnm, Mss.It.IV.241
Lucio Vero Coltellini, Marco 1774-11-28 St. Petersburg
Court Theatre
F-Pn; RUS-SPtob
Nitteti Metastasio, Pietro 1757-04-29 Reggio nell'Emilia
Teatro Pubblico
F-Pn ; P-La, 47-IV-34/35 (Acts I & III)
Parts: I-MAav, Cart.29