List of works by Victor Bendix

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Sources include

  • Hofmeisters Monatsberichte (Generic, not very useful here, doesn't list many of Bendix's works, dates are probably off)
  • Danish Royal Music Library (more helpful, lists and _has_ many of Bendix' works)

Works with Opus Number

  • Op.1. 5 Klavierstücke.
  • Op.2. In kleinerem Style.
  • Op.3. Vier Lieder for one voice and piano.
  • Op.4. Philinens Lied aus Wilhelm Meister („Singet nicht in Trauertönen“), for Mezzo-Soprano and Piano.
  • Op.5. 3 ernste Gesänge for low voice.
  • Op.6. Almas Sonetter ; Tre Digte af Fr. Paludan-Müllers Adam Homo for Mezzo-Sopran og Piano
  • Op.7. Der 33. Psalm: „Jubelt, ihr Gesegneten auf Erden“ for mixed chorus and orchestra.
  • Op.8. Piano Pieces    
  • Op.9. 4 Stimmungsbilder.      
  • Op.10. Marsch, Polka, Walzer u. Finale. Ball-Improvisationen am Pfte, vierhändig   
  • Op.11. Nocturne und Walzer (in REX is Rondo, Air und Walzer)
  • Op.12. Piano Trio in A (1877)
  • Op.13. Rondo for piano solo
  • Op.14. Air and Waltz for piano solo (combined in manuscript with Op.13 as "Rondo, Air und Walzer, Op.11 - see REX)
  • Op.15.
  • Op.16. Symphony No.1 "Fjeldstigning"
  • Op.17. Concert (Gm.) f. Pfte, Orch (1884)
  • Op.18. Zehn Lieder von Goethe, Heine, Lenau und Rücker[t] 
  • Op.19. En Lystspil-Ouverture 
  • Op.20. Sommerklange fta Syd-Rusland. Symphonie No.2.
  • Op.22. Album, 10 Klavierstücke.
  • Op.25. Symphony No.3 in A minor
  • Op.26. Piano Sonata
  • Op.30. Symphony No.4 (1906) in D minor
  • Op.33. 5 Klaverstykker

Works without Opus Number (Selected)

  • Poésies de Victor Hugo à 1 Voix av. Piano.
  • Octet for flute, oboe, clarinet, strings and piano
  • Intermezzo for piano
  • Andante for Oboe, Cello and Piano
  • Prolog og Epilog ved Concerten til Minde om Axel Liebmann, comp. for Solo-Stemmer, Chor og 2 Pianoforter (1876)
  • Molto Moderato for viola and piano (1867)
  • Piano Sonatina in F (1869)