List of works by William Henry Squire

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Orchestral Pieces

  • Cello Concerto
  • 2 operettas
  • Serenade for flute, clarinet and strings, Op 15 (published (violin or cello and piano arrangement) by Schott, 1922)
  • the entr'actes Summer Dreams (premiered at the Proms in 1897)
  • Sweet Briar (premiered at the Proms in 1898)
  • Slumber Song (premiered at the Proms in 1899)
  • the idyll
  • Sylvania
  • The marches The Jolly Sailor and The Yeomanry Patrol
  • The waltz, Lazy-Lane
  • His instrumental miniatures
  • His popular songs (his sister was a well-known soprano)

Cello and Piano

  • At Morn for cello and piano
  • At Twilight - Triste for cello and piano
  • Bourrée, Op.24 for cello and piano
  • Calma de Mare for mandolin
  • Chansonette, Op.22 (Proms premiere 10 September 1897 with Squire playing cello)
  • Chant D'amour
  • Consolation for violin and piano in D major (Proms premiere 24 September 1902)
  • Danse Orientale for cello and piano
  • Dreaming, Op.7
  • Fairy Tales for cello and piano
  • Gavotte Humoristique, Op.6 for cello (or violin, or viola) and piano in D major
  • Gavotte Sentimentale
  • Humoresque, Op.26 in F major
  • L'Adieu (Proms premiere 16 October 1897 with Squire playing cello)
  • Larghetto in D for cello and piano
  • Madrigal in G
  • Meditation in C, Op.25
  • Minuet, Op.19 No. 3
  • 6 Morceaux Melodiques
  1. Canzonetta
  2. Danse Orientale
  3. Elegie
  4. Madrigal
  5. Idylle
  6. Harlequinade
  • Old Swedish Air for cello and piano
  • "Palm Court" Priere for cello and piano
  • Petits Morceaux, Op.16
  1. Triste
  2. Joyeuse
  3. Le Plaisir (In Dreamland)
  4. Le Bonheur
  5. L'innocence
  • Prière
  • Rêve D'Amour (Proms premiere 13 October 1898 with Squire playing cello)
  • Romance
  • Serenade, Op.15 (Proms premiere 26 September 1895)
  • Slumber Song / Entr'acte (Proms premiere 16 September 1899 with Squire playing cello); also for violin
  • Sylvania for piano solo
  • Tarantella, Op.23 in D minor
  • Tzig-Tzig (a virtuosic czardas) for cello and piano (Proms premiere 13 October 1898 with Squire playing cello)
  • 12 Easy Exercises for Cello, Op.18
  • Gondoliera, Op.20 Book 1 No. 2
  • Souvenir or Reverie, Op.20 Book 1 No. 3
  • Légende, Op.20 Book 2 No. 1
  • Berceuse, Op.20 Book 2 No. 3 (Proms premiere 16 September 1897 with Squire playing cello)
  • Danse Rustique, Op.20 Book 2 No. 5 for cello and piano
  • transcriptions of songs.
  • 4 Cello Albums - including some original pieces

Cello and Piano (Op Num order)

  • Op.5 4 Little Pieces
  • Op.6 Gavotte Humoristique
  • Op.7 Dreaming
  • Op.14 Melodie
  • Op.15 Serenade
  • Op.16 5 Petits Morceaux (1st pos)
Triste, Joyeuse, Le Plaisir, Le Bonheur, L'innocence
  • Op.18 12 Easy Exercises
  • Op.19 Morceaux de Salon
No.3 Minuet
Chant d'Amour
  • Op.20 Album de morceaux caractéristiques
Book 1 No.1 Chant d'amour No.2 Gondoliera No.3 Souvenir or Reverie
Book 2 No.1 Légende No.2 Danse Rustique No.3 Berceuse
  • Op.22 Chansonette
  • Op.23 Tarantella
  • Op.24 Bourrée
  • Op.25 Meditation
  • Op.26 Humoresque

folk songs

  • A Chip of the Old Block
  • A Sergeant of the Line
  • Beloved of Clara Butt
  • The Corporal's Ditty
  • If I Might Only Come to You
  • If You Were Here
  • In an Old Fashioned Town
  • Lighterman Tom
  • Like Stars Above
  • The Moonlit Road
  • Mountain Lovers
  • My Prayer
  • My Prayer, was also arranged for chorus
  • Pals
  • The Road that Leads to You
  • The Singing Lesson - a duet
  • The Watchman
  • When You Come Home
  • His own arrangements of Chopin and Offenbach