List of works by Zakharia Paliashvili

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(all premiered in Tbilisi)
  • Abesalom da Eteri [Absalom and Eteri]-- 4 acts, libretto by P. Mirianashvili, after Eteriani (1909–18; premiered 1919)
  • Daisi [Twilight] -- 3 acts, libretto by V. Gunia, after poems by Shota Rustaveli, N. Baratashvili, Akvsenti Tsereteli and V. Pshavela (1923, premiered 1923)
  • Latavra -- 4 acts, libretto after a play by S. Shanshiashvili (1927, premiered 1928)


  • Mass (E major?), for chorus and organ (1900)
  • "Dges mertskhali" [Today a Swallow] (A. Tsereteli), for chorus (1908)
  • "Mravalzhamieri" [Many Years of Life] (P. Mirianashvili), for tenor, chorus, and orchestra (1908)
  • Kartuli liturgia [Georgian Liturgy] (1911) -- adaptation of the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, in Georgian and in Russian Church Slavonic], for a capella chorus
  • Sazejmo kantata [Solemn Cantata on the 10th anniversary of the October Revolution], for solo voices, chorus, and orchestra (1927)
  • "Lavnana" [Lullaby] (Tsereteli), for a capella chorus
  • Tavisupleba (Georgian National Anthem)


  • Kartuli suita [Georgian Suite], 1928


(solo voice and piano, all from 1908)

  • "Akhalagnago sulo" [In love with youthful spirit] (D. Tumanishvili)
  • "Miqvarda [I loved]" (I. Grishashvili)
  • "Nana shvilo" [Lullaby] (I. Chavchavadze)
  • "Nu tvaltmaktsob" [Don’t tempt [me]] (Grishashvili)
  • "Ristvis miqvarkhar" [Why do I love you] (Chavchavadze)

Other works

  • Collection of Georgian Folk Songs -- 40 songs out of about 300 collected (1910)
  • arrangements of traditional songs
  • incidental music
  • conservatory student works (sonatas, preludes)

Principal publishers

  • Tbilisi
    • Muzfond Gruzii
  • Moscow/Leningrad
    • Muzgiz
    • Muzyka
    • Sovetskij kompozitor