Musikalisch-literarischer Monatsbericht

This pages lists the volumes of the Musikalisch-literarischer Monatsbericht that are presently available at the Internet Archive. The original images for these volumes are from the Austrian National Library which has scanned images available for the years 1829 to 1947. The Hofmeister XIX project makes available a searchable database for the years 1829 to 1900. The links below will take you to Internet Archive's online reader for the particular volume. The PDF file available on each volume's "detail" page has been run through the OCR application available within Adobe Acrobat Professional. One should expect to see such things as the letter i being misidentified as either the letter l or the number 1 or perhaps the letter o treated as the number 0.

Warning for searchers:
These scanned volumes have been inadequately converted to searchable text due to several factors, including: page curvature that prevents all lines of text from being straight, the acidic paper that was used that has resulted in lowering the contrast between the text and the background, and in converting the images to black and white it often appears that the setting for the black-white threshold was set too high resulting in text that is too blob-like and lacks the crisp edges necessary for good OCR. As luck would have it this seems to especially affect the names of the composers when they appear in bold text. The problem appears to affect the earlier volumes more so than the later volumes.

Musikalisch-literarischer Monatsbericht (1829–1942) / Deutsche Musikbibliographie (1943– )