PML-US upload instructions

A work can be uploaded to Petrucci Music Library US (PML-US) if it is in the public domain in the United States, but not in Canada.

To upload a work to PML-US:

  1. Switch to the Classic interface, if you are not already using it.
  2. Go to the work page for the item you want to add.
  3. Choose the menu option for uploading an item.
  4. In the blue box above the upload form, click the link to upload the file(s) to PML-US.
  5. Upload the file(s) to PML-US.
  6. Enter the appropriate metadata for the file(s) you are adding and press "Submit."

If the composer whose work you are adding is "locked" (and thus does not show the menu option for adding a new work page), you may open a request for a new work page to be created. Please include in your request evidence that the work was published in 1928 or earlier or is in the public domain in the United States for another reason.