Padrucci is the Petrucci Music Library content for the iPad.

Latest News: Padrucci is now (or will be soon) live on the iTunes App Store. Download | Padrucci from the iTunes App Store.

When I first discovered the IMSLP web site, I was amazed at this terrific resource. My first impulse was to

1) Accumulate

2) Accumulate

...and then

3) Accumulate some more I had done in music libraries while I was studying baroque violin.

Then, one fine day, I realized that I didn't need to download music just to keep a copy on my hard drive and "have". The Petrucci Music Project was there, waiting to feed me the scores I wanted whenever I wanted them.

While viewing from a web browser is great, the act of downloading a score and finding a place to keep it seemed to me a step that seemed more significant than I wanted it to be. Wouldn't it be great to have an application that would just grab a score when I wanted to see one, and take care of storing it for me? I'd then have a nice list of the scores I was interested in seeing, and a nice easy way to page through a score.

Hence Padrucci.

All my scores in one place. A quick tap to view it, and a swipe to the right to get to the next page. If the scanned score is displaying too small, I just use my fingers to expand the page to the size I want. Rotate it if it's not scanned to the orientation I need. Padrucci even organizes my scores according to how I will be using a score.

-- Gardano

As of now, it is still in active development but will be ready for testers in a week or so.

To those who are testing and/or translating, I'll be contacting you each by email/twitter (@mvsicha is my twitter account name) to give instructions on how to find the information I need get get you going, ready to do some testing!

Keep your eyes on this space.

Beta Testers

One thing I will need from you is your iPad's UDID (Identifier). I need this so that I can include your iPad in the list of devices that are allowed to install Padrucci (this is a security feature built into the iPad and iPhone). Once you send me your UDID, I will include it in the list of approved devices and you'll be able to install it without using the App Store.

Here is Apple's page which describes how to find it:

Copy your UDID as described in the "Using iTunes" section of the above page, and email it to Within a week I'll be sending out a link with instructions on how to install it, and how to test!