List of works by Lili Boulanger

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Year Genre Title Notes
1910-16 Choral Psaume CXXIX. Ils m’ont assez opprimé for baritone, male chorus and orchestra
1911 Choral Sous bois for chorus and orchestra
1911 Vocal Frédégonde cantata for soprano, tenor, bass and piano, unfinished
1911 Choral Les sirènes for mezzo-soprano, female chorus and piano/orchestra
1911 Vocal Maïa cantata for soprano, tenor, bass and piano
1911 Vocal Reflets for voice and piano/orchestra
1911 Piano Deux préludes
1911 Flute/Violin Nocturne (Pièce courte) for flute/violin and piano/orchestra
1911-12 Choral Soleils de Septembre for chorus and piano/orchestra, unfinished
1911-14 Piano Thème et variations
1911-14 Violin/Piano 2 Pieces for Violin and Piano
1911-16 Vocal Renouveau for three voices and piano
1911-18 Opera La princesse Maleine unfinished
1912 Vocal Le retour (La nef légère) for voice/chorus and piano
1912 Vocal Attente for voice and piano
1912 Choral Le soir for chorus and piano/orchestra, unfinished
1912 Choral Hymne au soleil for mezzo-soprano, chorus and piano
1912 Choral Soir d’été for chorus and piano/orchestra, unfinished
1912 Choral La source for chorus and piano/orchestra
1912 Choral La tempête for chorus and piano/orchestra
1912-13 Choral Pour les funérailles d’un soldat for baritone, chorus and orchestra
1912-13 Choral Deux fugues à quatre voix for chorus a cappella
1913 Vocal Soir sur la plaine for soprano, tenor, chorus and piano
1913 Vocal Faust et Hélène cantata for mezzo-soprano, tenor, baritone and orchestra
1914 Piano 3 Morceaux
  • D’un vieux jardin
  • D’un jardin clair
  • Cortège
1914-17? Choral Vieille prière bouddhique for tenor, chorus and orchestra
1914-17 Choral Psaume CXXX. Du fond de l’abîme for alto, tenor, chorus, organ and orchestra
1915-16 Vocal Clairières dans le ciel for tenor and piano
1916 Vocal Dans l’immense tristesse for voice and piano
1916 Choral Psaume XXIV. La terre appartient à l’Éternel for tenor, chorus, organ and orchestra
1917-18 Flute/Violin D’un matin de printemps for flute/violin and piano/orchestra
1917-18 Violin/Cello D’un soir triste for violin/cello and piano/orchestra
1918 Vocal/Chamber Pie Jesu for soprano, string quartet, harp and organ