Talk:12 Trio Sonatas (Boyce, William)

I notice that the version arranged for recorders lacks the bass figures. I wonder if that could be easily rectified? I appreciate that modern figured bass notation (with use of natural sign) would theoretically require transposition, but in practice players from figured bass will not mind if the figures are just copied over. Alternatively, are your source files available?

Hi. Not easily "rectified" I'm afraid. The bass figures were added to the string versions after the recorder and string versions were "forked". So it would mean adding all the figures again. It might be possible for you to "cut and paste" the figures from/to print-outs or to add them by hand. The source files are for MusiXTeX; if you can use them, send me an e-mail.

Bob T.

P.S. I've just added scores for the remaining six sonatas and string parts for all of them. Enjoy.