Talk:3 Lieder, Op.487 (Abt, Franz)

at least no.2 also is @LoC (processing it now) - has a very nice, memorable theme. More and more I think the Wikipedia article for this composer is, if only slightly dismissive, maybe still too much so given the site's rules... Eric 15:23, 26 January 2012 (UTC)

(Also, the English translation given for the title of no.3, The Flowers of the Forest, seems to be the same as a famous Scots folksong. This may be coincidental, of course- though if anyone has the tune to which those words were sung, - am about to process and upload Elson's translation of the Abt from here (unless someone beats me to it of course) and would like to compare the Scots melody or lyrics to those Abt used. Like many Romantic composers- indeed, this goes to the very definition of the "Romantic" movement in the arts- I gather his interests were wideranging beyond his own niche and into other - well, that actually is not quite the same thing, but relates :) Eric 16:44, 26 January 2012 (UTC)