Talk:Babes in Toyland (Herbert, Victor)

March of the Toys

Arranged for Orchestra by Otto Langey

  • Rehearsal letters have been added. [A] .. [F]
  • There are cues given in the parts - there are some errors in which instruments are actually playing these notes.
  • Note to conductor:
    • not all instruments have key signature changes (i.e. accidentals are used instead)
    • not all instruments have the same time signature changes (i.e. they move between 4/4 and 12/8), however everyone is in 4 always.
  • The following errors have been corrected:
[E]+7 - 4th note in bar corrected from a quarter to an 8th note.
[E]+13 - notes corrected to dotted half notes.

--Homerdundas 16:06, 21 March 2010 (UTC)