Talk:Ballet égyptien (Luigini, Alexandre)

Ballet Egyptien Suite - Kalmus

  • I have cleaned and retouched these parts and removed some minor markings. It seems almost every cresc. or dim. also has hairpin style markings as well. I have removed one or two of the words, where the systems were cluttered and the markings were otherwise perfectly clear.
  • at a number of places fs was corrected to sf
  • Flutes 1 / 2 / piccolo part - here and there were redundant a2 markings. Some have been removed to clean up the staff a bit.
  • Clarinet
- 1st movement - p at A? check score
- [F]-1 last note is C
- [G]+2 last rest in bar is quarter note rest
- [H]+2 last note is A
  • Violin I scan version 1.1
- 1st movement - [K]-8 - key signature corrected
[N]+13/14 - bar line added
- 2nd movement - key signature corrected
  • Violin II
- a few occurrences of mixed dim. > and cresc. < simplified
- one of these (Mvt 4. B+2 to B+5) had dynamics confusingly above and below the staff:
cresc. < mf dim. > pp dim. > ppp
simplified to:
< mf > pp > ppp
- several occurrences of % bar repeat symbols arbitrarily placed, were simply replaced with the notes of the repeated bar.
  • Viola
- 3rd movement - [A]-1 redundant 'dim.' removed
  • Cello bass
- 4th movement - bar 1 - redundant 'cresc.' removed