Talk:Brudens fråga (Ullmann, Viktor)

Dieses Musikstück ist von CARL FREDRIK ULLMAN (1809 - 1873), auf keinen Fall von Viktor Ullmann! Siehe: und Wrong edit by User:Jujimufu --Dr. 91.41 19:49, 13 November 2010 (UTC)

Viktor Ullmann was a 20th century composer- in the Schoenberg-Zemlinsky circle, most of his music entirely tonal, a little bit of 12-tone technique creeping in here and there (in a tonal context in the music of which this is true that I have heard, though...) who wrote some of his best-known music at Terezin (called by the Nazis Theresienstadt, for he was being interned there by them at the time) and then sent by them to die at Auschwitz... and I don't think he wrote much if any music to Swedish lyrics but I might be mistaken (his song output is diverse so I am not being sarcastic) - still, it seems much more likely on those grounds alone, leaving alone all others, that it is indeed by CF Ullman, not Viktor Ullmann... Hope we can find something to put in the Ullmann category (sonata no.1, one of his earlier works, was published around 1930 and so is PD-CA if the right early edition can be found. From my audition of his music he's worth scanning :) ) Eric 05:39, 20 November 2010 (UTC)