Talk:Chalamela in Dharbar Raga, Adi Thala (Thiruvottriyur, Thyagayyar)

Thoughts on Tagging

To properly organize this and similar compositions, we'll have to come up with the following tags/categories

Tags for Compositions/Works

In bold, the tag applicable to this song. (ex: In case of Schubert Serenade - Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Modern)

  • Indian Classical Music, Carnatic, Hindustani
  • Language (of the original Composition's Lyrics): Tamil, Telugu, Sanskrit ...
  • Composition Type/Song Forms: Varnam, Kriti, Geetham, Keerthana, Thillana, Padam, Javali ...
  • Raga: raga-kalyani, raga-dharbar ...
  • Tala: adi-Tala, ata-tala ...

Tags for Scores

Few more tags may be applicable to the specific scores uploaded for this composition: (say Beethoven symphony 5 - Piano Transcription)

  • Is the Score in native notation? (Sofa style; sa re ga ma ..) If so, in which language is it notated/writen? (English, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi; this could be different from the language of original composition. Transliteration, not translation)
  • Is it transcribed to Standard Western Notation?

Other details can be filled from existing tags, like instrumentation, composer, etc. There may be alternative spellings for some of the keywords (Ragam, Raga, Raaga, Raag) We can follow the standard procedure to decide which version to use.

--Ananth 05:30, 10 February 2011 (UTC)

Just some comments on this: If a raga is synonymous with 'mode' maybe that field could simply say "key or mode: ". So far, the type of notation has been put in the comments field. We do this now with mensural notation. 15:40, 10 February 2011 (UTC) (Steltz)