Talk:Diesel with Ease (Decembertexture)

How do you perform this?

Hi - I just saw this, and am curious to know how you perform it. The notation is certainly non-standard, and the score doesn't seem to contain any instructions.

The words are curious, too, and I'm not at all sure what they mean. It looks like a haiku, but this seems even more cryptic than most haiku - almost like random words strung together. Is there some kind of hidden meaning or significance?

Just curious. M.J.E. 16:43, 31 August 2009 (UTC)

hi thanks for your interest

i usually want to leave my scores as open to performer or reader/viewer interpretation as possible while still having a recognizable "piece." in this case the text obviously helps with the latter.

lately i have been into thinking of "the score" as "the music", and any performances as representations of "the music", rather than the other way around.

i wrote some comments at the bottom of the work page that you perhaps didn't see.

the text is a sound poem that was in fact made with much randomness courtesy of my pc, or maybe my palm pilot, i don't remember. i did not intentionally hide any meanings in it.