Talk:Gnossiennes (Satie, Erik)

Gnossienne n°1 : About Satie’s indications on this score, (what does it really means - how to play this piece ?) I’ve read some comments but not this one, may be that’s not new. I suggest that one possibility is that this represents the way how a thought, an idea, is gradually brought to a verbal expression. The first one note “très luisant” (shining) may be like a flash in the mind .. then you have to “Questionnez” to permit to this sudden thought (the inspiration?) to be caught “Du bout de la pensée” (with the tip of the mind) – Then you’ve got to “Postulez en vous-même” (Wonder in yourself) how to, gradually, “pas à pas” (step by step) communicate that with words, bla bla bla, “sur la langue” (on the tongue)… Eurêka ? or bla bla bla ? Squin 10:56, 3 November 2010 (UTC)