Talk:Grand Sextet, Op.35 (Moscheles, Ignaz)

I am looking for the original instrumentation for this work. I heard Consortium Classicum play this with Claudius Tanski on piano and loved it. Does anyone have the original score and parts for flute, 2 horns, violin, cello, and piano?
First edition parts uploaded 2011 October 6. I subsequently realised that two pages are missing from the piano part, and two pages from the flute part. The pagination suggests that whoever (or whatever) made the scans for ThULB inadvertently turned two pages together. Can anyone point this out to ThULB, perhaps with a polite request to scan the missing pages? I suggest someone fluent in German (which counts me out), and preferably with some experience of German academia (which counts me out even further). Nightjar

I wrote to ThULB in german before christmas, but did not get any answer, and the scan is still defective. So I uploaded scans of the 1825 Berlin UdK copy today, which should fix this problem.--Kalliwoda 16:28, 10 April 2012 (EDT)