Talk:Kaiser-Walzer, Op.437 (Strauss Jr., Johann)

Full Score - typeset by Karl Paulsson

At Coda bar 176 the winds entry should include the oboes.

--Homerdundas 03:06, 6 October 2011 (UTC)

Original score not available in the moment. I think, Homerdundas is right. As a conductor I would insert the two notes.

thanks for attention.


8 October 2011: Correction done.


Musikus (20.3.23) Very fine piece of notes, thank you very much. But some mistakes in the part of the viola:


Bar 23/24: ba instead of a Bar 29: b instead of #b, eigth a ist missing Bar 31: Tie over 2 bars

Coda: Bar 14 to bar 24: many mistakes, should be corrected. Bar 168 to 175: notes should be tied Bar 113: no tie

Thank you, if you correct it.