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J H Schein

Hi Philip,

you worked a bit on the Schein collection (linking the Gesamptausgabe). Do you have any special comments on my post here?
Thanks, Homer. --Homerdundas 16:13, 12 January 2012 (UTC)

Mozart Great Mass

Dear Mr Legge,

I am a choir director from Germany and would like to use your edition for a performance of the Great Mass in c, KV 427 by Mozart. Would it be possible for you to send me the parts or the sib-file, so I can extract the parts myself?

Regards, Jan Wilke

score Requiem Fauré

Dear Mr. Leggae I'm not so home on this site (yet), but I'll hope that this is the right way to ask you something. I'm a conductor and together with a friend (prof. violist) we want to create the faure's requiem with our amateurchoir and schoolorchestra. Because of the difficulties for them (because of the strange score), it seems better to transcribe this for a more normal setting. Can we therefore ask you to send us your sibeliusscore, it's much easier to work on than to start whole over. Thanks a lot and excuses for my english. Tv

Faure Requiem

Hi Philip!

I am performing Faure's Requiem at the beginning of March in Finland, and I was wondering about your edition. Could you send me information about how we could use your edition (score and parts) and what would be the compensation you require for it.

Best wishes, Sasha Mäkilä