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May 2010

Busy in real life™. List of useful pages: Berlioz, Biber, Gesualdo, Josquin, Monteverdi, Palestrina.

Background and interests

I am an amateur/semi-pro musician based in Melbourne, Australia. Although I was always interested in music from an early age, just as a listener, in my teens I began transcribing music (though I didn’t realise at the time that that was what I was doing) and then took up singing when I reached university with the Tasmania University Musical Society thanks to the lure of performing in Beethoven’s Choral Symphony. I mainly sing tenor or counter-tenor, and have performed a wide variety of repertoire with a number of choirs around Australia. From time to time I've conducted choirs and orchestras, composed, and on several occasions (unwillingly) played as a repetiteur, despite not being a pianist!

My interests range across many centuries of Western art music, from the notational complexities of Guillaume Dufay, to modern composers such as Ligeti and Carl Vine. As a musicologist I’m particularly interested in notations pre-dating the modern era and how composer’s manuscripts are used (or often abused) by secondary sources. I am especially knowledgeable in the music of Hector Berlioz and the English symphonist Havergal Brian, and I have edited the latter’s Symphony No. 7 in C (1948) for publication by United Music Publishing Ltd. I’ve edited over 120 works for Choral Public Domain Library (CPDL), many in full score and parts, and I intend to eventually have public domain editions of Berlioz’s Te Deum and Requiem available for download as full scores, vocal scores, and instrumental parts; the vocal scores probably from CPDL, the full scores and parts hosted here at IMSLP. I’m intending to upload a couple of my own orchestral and instrumental compositions before the end of the year, besides some of my orchestral transcriptions.

Other of my ongoing projects include performing editions of Mozart’s Great Mass in C supplemented by suitable movements from two other Mozart masses; Monteverdi’s Mass and Vespers of 1610; and Brumel’s 12 voice Missa Et ecce terræ motus.

Philip Matthew Legge


My initials also stand “Petrucci Music Library”, which is a complete coincidence... I think!


IMSLP #24878: Kubla Khan, Op.1 (full score)
IMSLP #24872: Fanfare for the Orchestral Brass, Op.5 (full score and parts)
IMSLP #32087: Ite missa est, Op.6 (full and vocal scores, and parts)
Several other short choral pieces are available at CPDL.


Copyright Review

Team member. If you have any specific questions relating to a copyright review, please use my talk page. Once you are there, select the  +  symbol at the top of the page, which adds a new section.



Neue Mozart-Ausgabe Project

Team leader, organisation of the project to aquire the public domain portion of the New Mozart Edition, also known as the NMA.

Status: 78 of the 101 volumes of Series I to IX are partially in the public domain, under European Union copyright laws, and are thus suitable for inclusion at IMSLP. This consists of the strictly musical portions of the volumes, and does not extend to the editorial prefaces, or the critical reports (Kritischer Berichten). Unfortunately, any volumes published after 1963 will be inaccessible for download, owing to technical issues. It is not recommended any post-1963 volumes should be contributed.

I have yet to write the style guide, since there are several matters which would need to be negotiated with the Internationalen Stiftung Mozarteum Salzburg (and probably Bärenreiter-Verlag as well) prior to commencement.

Side-project: re-organisation of the complete works list. This is a (for the moment, personal) project to clarify exactly what works are held over at DME, as opposed to here, which is mainly the old Breitkopf & Härtel edition, also known as the AMA.

Hector Berlioz

Principal pages: Holoman catalogue / NBE / OBE

Current works pages, H:

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11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30
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141 142 143

Books and literary works: Grotesques · À travers chants · Soirées · Grand Traité · Memoires · Correspondence · Feuilletons
Works in my possession to be scanned, H: 9 16 39 45 46 47 67 70
Works pages for scores to be negotiated, H 22

Info on Bärenreiter vocal scores

PS Any Berliozian worth his salt will know which works are which, from the chronological ordering of the Holoman catalogue! Otherwise, hover over the link. :)



Team member

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Several useful templates I’ve either designed, refined, or purloined (from Wikipedia or elsewhere).

Template Notes
Template:CR cheat sheet (Talk · Transclusions · History) Used on page above for showing details of the CR tagger. Was more useful when the tagger had gone bung.
Template:Hs (Talk · Transclusions · History) Hides a span of text. Useful in making sortable tables.
Template:Nw (Talk · Transclusions · History) Puts <nowiki> tags around arbitrary text. Nice idea, but doesn't work in practice, as the tags apply to variable substitution. I'll change this template to something different that does something useful.
Template:LinkComp (Talk · Transclusions · History) Makes a link to a composer’s category page, while rendering the composer’s name in the correct linguistic order, i.e. not Surname(s), Forename(s). Useful for names of composers appearing as arrangers/editors in work fields.
Template:LinkCompS (Talk · Transclusions · History) Same as LinkComp, except that only the surname is displayed. Useful for lists.
Template:NoComp (Talk · Transclusions · History) Links to a page for a musical composition, but suppresses the name of the composer. Useful for lists.
Template:Pg (Talk · Transclusions · History) Provides links to a Mediawiki page, discussion page, and the page history. Refer to the left hand column for the output of {{Pg|Template|Pg}} !
Usage example: {{Pg| Mediawiki pagespace | page title}}
Template:U (Talk · Transclusions · History) Provides links to a user’s personal page, discussion page, and list of wiki contributions. This template could be rewritten as a special case of the above template (with the first variable set to “User”).
Template:Bärenreiter-Urtext (Talk · Transclusions · History) Modification of the Urtext template, specifically for publications by Bärenreiter.
Template:BerliozComplete (Talk · Transclusions · History) Format for scores from the Old Berlioz Edition.
Template:NewBerliozEdition (Talk · Transclusions · History) Format for scores from the New Berlioz Edition (NBE). Usage example: {{NewBerliozEdition | volume no. | BA plate no. | year issued}}
Template:MozartNMA (Talk · Transclusions · History) Format for scores from the Neue Mozart-Ausgabe (NMA). Automatically includes the Urtext template.
Usage example: {{MozartNMA | Series no. | Workgroup no. | Subgroup no. | Description | BA plate no. | year issued}}
Template:CClef (Talk · Transclusions · History) Displays a C clef. Unfortunately reliant on Unicode, which is not well supported.
Template:FClef (Talk · Transclusions · History) Displays a F clef. Unfortunately reliant on Unicode, which is not well supported.
Template:GClef (Talk · Transclusions · History) Displays a G clef. Unfortunately reliant on Unicode, which is not well supported.
Template:Flat2 (Talk · Transclusions · History) Displays a double flat. Unfortunately reliant on Unicode, which is not well supported.
Template:Sharp2 (Talk · Transclusions · History) Displays a double sharp. Unfortunately reliant on Unicode, which is not well supported.
Template:CopyVio (Talk · Transclusions · History) Displays a standard copyright notice. Usage example: {{CopyVio | composer name | reason}}
Template:Manup (Talk · Transclusions · History) Notice for manually updated pages (also adds the page to a category of such pages).
Template:CC (Talk · Transclusions · History) Links to any given Creative Commons licence, using the category (by, by-sa, etc), version (2.5, 3.0), and jurisdictions as optional parameters. The jurisdictional parameter uses the two letter ISO 3166 encoding.
Template:ISO 3166 (Talk · Transclusions · History) Experimental template, displays country name corresponding to the ISO 3166 code, e.g. {{ISO 3166|AU}} displays: Australia
Would be used in a more ambitious template (yet to be designed) that produces an image of a country's flag, e.g. {{Flag|AU}}.
Template:User cnd-1 (Talk · Transclusions · History)
Template:User cnd-2 (Talk · Transclusions · History)
Template:User cnd-3 (Talk · Transclusions · History)
Template:User cnd-4 (Talk · Transclusions · History)
User instrument templates for novice, intermediate, advanced, and professional conductors. Usage example: paste {{Instr|cnd-3}} into your user page.
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