Talk:Ländliche Tänze, Op.1 (Zemlinsky, Alexander von)

File is defective.


I'm pretty sure this file is defective. When you start at p. 1 and go on to pp. 2, 3, etc., something funny happens when you try to go to p. 8: the Internet program freezes, and even slows down other things on the computer. If you go to the last page, and go backwards through the file, again you reach a point where this happens again, so that some pages in the middle are difficult or impossible to reach.

This has happened on two different computers that I've tried it on, so that would seem to rule out any faults which belong to a specific computer. I suppose it would be necessary to scan the file again.

I've seen a different file with this music somewhere, but I don't recall where it was. If I find it again, I'll add a note here giving the U.R.L. M.J.E. 19:27, 31 August 2008 (EDT)