Talk:Les Folies d'Espagne (Marais, Marin)

It should be noted that this version (IMSLP#17152) is a transcription for wind instruments and that the original for Viola da Gamba differs greatly from this one. The original Viola da Gamba version have some polyphonic passages and an bass range lower than this one.

Whose transcription is it? I gathered that it was a contemporary (e.g. 17th century) transcription that has been edited by Schmitz. Upon looking at it, it appears to be a sigle-staff rendition with no instrumentation specified. More information would be helpful. Carolus 17:02, 30 June 2008 (EDT)

Marais was mainly a composer of Viola da Gamba. Although he stated that his compositions could be played in other instruments I have no records that he personally made any transcriptions of his works.
Les Folies d'Espagne appeared for the first time in his second book of pieces for Viola da Gamba, published in 1701. There is certain evidence that it was composed much earlier, and that a few of the orginial variations were not included in the published version. It's a composition in Re minor, a key best suited for Viola da Gamba playing that this Mi minor transcription.
This rendition is indeed a revised edition by Hans-Peter Schmitz for flute solo. LizardCZ 2 July '08